Friday, 26 April 2013

On the Camera

I'm taking inspiration from another of my favourite blogs - Little Tin Bird (who also now has a facebook group) and doing an 'on the camera' post because it's just getting ridiculous. I've had to delete one of my horoscope apps because there are too many bloody photos - how am I going to know how to live my life now!?

Anyway - this is the customer edition because I have over 200 on my phone and there's enough for at least a 'what I've been up to knit-wise' and (if I feel like it) a little 'Eleanor's personal edition'. We'll see how I feel...

This is an epic blanket crocheted by Sue in all sorts of cottons including the Bamboo Cotton and Cottonsoft. She was inspired by the blog Little Cotton Rabbits (as far as I can remember - I bet this photo was taken last summer...). I would call it gypsy-chic. 

This is a really bloody cute teddy knitted in the Comfort DK by.... I can't remember her name and I feel terrible because every year she makes me a little miniature Christmas decoration stuffed with some sort of chocolate. Good woman!

This is Vezza in her first top down raglan (hand movements included. If that makes no sense to you then just ignore me...). It was in the King Cole Merino Aran that she won with her second full loyalty card. One thing you can say about that girl, she's loyal. :)

The lovely Debbie and her Christmas table runner. I honestly can't remember what yarn we chose in the end - it took so long and was swapped but it was either the Bamboo Cotton or the Patons Cotton 4ply. She held a thread of lurex along with it for an extra sparkly touch and it looks seriously stunning doesn't it!?

Some beeeeeeeeyootiful socks in the Regia Sock. I don't even remember who knitted these never mind her name but I am well jel - aren't they great!?

Talking about Regia Sock - here's Dee's darning in my favourite colourway of the yarn - Istanbul Mosaic. I was horrified that she was using the Regia for darning but really, yarn is there to be used and enjoyed isn't it? She she smiled every time she looked down at it so brill! 

And speaking of Dee... here's some of her special yarn knitted into a fabulous hat. I can't remember the bloke's name (nothing personal, it's v. rare for me to remember names...) but he's a brill knitter and I'm trying to persuade him to design a fairisle in some mohair yarn he picked up in India. 

A gorgeous yellow baby shawl in the Truly Wool Rich 4ply. I've never known this lady's name so I don't feel guilty but she simply wouldn't believe me when I told her this was perfect so hopefully she reads this one day - it's perfect!

I probably shouldn't show you this because it's the last vestiges of the Heritage DK which was beauts! Dawn MADE THIS PATTERN UP! Well, pieced it together like a beautiful Frankenstein's monster. I love most that you can see the pattern on the inside of it - so neat. 

Lindsey's dog! I can't remember (or tell for that matter...) what breed it is but it caused some right heartache so I'm sure she'll tell us! She used a pattern but pretty much ripped that up for the colourwork - made her own little chart and everything. Very impressive! the yarn was the Cygnet Aran.

Another of Debbie's creations - the one with the Christmas runner. If I remember correctly this was one of her first crochet creations. She'd booked on a crochet lesson but couldn't wait any longer so she taught herself on the internet, with books and scanning her brain for vague memories from childhood and used the credit from the cancelled lesson to buy more yarn. Love that woman - so clever! It's the Bamboo Cotton in the beautiful damson colourway. 

And this is our friend Davina in her jumper from the first run of the Sweater Club. It's in the Haze DK and a pattern that we're not stocking anymore but I love how well it suits her and her smug faces on these photos - every right to be smug ey!?  I also like how she moves in her own way - Davina hates sewing in ends so she chops them off. I can't condone this sort of behaviour but really, knitting shouldn't be a slog - do it as you please. :)

Lastly, but not leastly, is a WIP that we're really excited about here and KN! It's not me or June (funnily enough) but I'm not going to say anymore.
How's about that ey!?

Love Eleanor. :)

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