Thursday, 10 April 2014

Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day

Let's Knit mag are promoting this new event - Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day. Little independents from all around the country are putting on big events for their lovely customers. We ain't putting on a big event, because I'm disorganised (and my holiday was going to be the next week - I'll talk about that later, or maybe in another blog) - we're going to have an OPEN HOUSE! And you're all invited!!!

I'm planning it to be a bit like our birthday parties and that means relaxed. It's a Saturday afterall and it's a Saturday before a bank holiday which means that it's the start of a looooong weekend for many of you and what better to start it than by celebrating US! Haha. And you of course, it literally wouldn't be a shop without you so really, we're just going to have one long day of celebrating you.

Zoë Halstead will be here celebrating with us. She's a wonderful local knit and crochet designer who works with our favourites King Cole. She'll sign books for you and chat with you. If you bought the Christmas book from us last year:

Remember??? The one with THIS in:

Yeah. She wrote that. BOOM! She also designed this:

Beautifully interpreted by my Mum for Seb for Christmas here:

I promise the pattern is better than my Mum makes it look - there's short rows and everything!

Apart from the lovely Zoë, there will be the usual lucky dip bowl where you might win 100% off whatever you choose to buy. AND! And Boyf came up with this (what a man), a new offer!

If you bring a friend on the day who we've never met before and they go on to buy some wool then both you and the newbie will get FIVE extra points on your card! FIVE! That's the equivalent of spending £50.00 and gets you a quarter of a way to filling up a card! BOOOOOOM!

That's as far as my organisation can reach at the moment. In general, it's just going to be an ordinary day with a party atmosphere and we'd love you to pop by to relax and enjoy the day with us. It's nice to spend time just appreciating what you've got isn't it? Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about all the reasons that you should love LYS's and I've got some customers to tell me all the reasons that they love us in particular (it'd be uncouth for me to write that bit... cheques are in the post though... ;) ).

Let us know that you're coming by clicking over here but don't worry if you're not on facebook, just spread the word and turn up on the day. We'd luuuuurve you to be here.


Eleanor. xxxxxx

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