Monday, 14 April 2014

New Product Launch (Kinda).

Can you remember when we got the Comfort Offer in? Well, we're pretty much at the end of that now. My god we had a lot!

I have this one little box and a triangle thing in the window left of it and that's it. Saaaaaad face.

It's really been a lovely little offer to have - especially coming into the summer months, lots of babies being born and little projects to relax the body after working hard in the garden (or just in a pub garden...). But don't be sad! I have something else for you!!!

In the same job lot, King Cole sent me loads of this!

It's the King Cole Romano Chunky and, against my better judgement, I actually quite like it! So much so that I'm making a cushion cover in it... 

Those of you that know me know that fashion yarn really ain't my thing. Fluffy, thick-thin, higgle-de-piggle-de colours... oh no. And this had all three of those, so why do I like it? The softness. Pure and unadulterated softness. Heaven. I do also like the way that they've put the colours together on some of them - like the Blueberry that I'm using: 

Now, I'm not going to get these on the internet because it's not something I'm planning on selling full time. The rrp is between £6.49 and £8.85 for a 50g ball. Ain't no way I'm selling it for that and if we can't make a profit on it then I'm simply not interested (let me refer you back to this mad little haven of a yarn shop being an actual business... ;) ). However, because I've managed to get it in this job lot then I can bring that price down to £1.50 (or five for £6 - that's a ball free!). That is £4.99 cheaper than the cheapest recommended retail price! BLOODY HELL!

We don't have all of the colours in stock - just the ones here:

and we only have 24 of five of the colours (12 of the beigey/greeny one) so it really is a first come, first served thing but if you've ever been tempted by this yarn and you're just not sure then it's going to be well worth giving it a go in these circumstances. Yes?

If you're not from around Nottingham but you want to get your mitts on this yarn - or any other - then do give us a ring and we'll take a payment over the phone ((0115) 9474239 - keep ringing if we don't answer, it's only because there are other customers in).

Right, I'm off. I've got a stinking cold, the shop's been dead busy (thanks!!!) and this was all the work that I'd planned to do today. I'm going to catch up on blogs and knit my cushion cover.

Love Eleanor. xxx

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