Thursday, 24 April 2014


So. Today has been productive! After like a week and a half of non-production... I'm not entirely sure why today has gone so well but I think it might be to do with the fact that Boyf woke me up early and made me a proper breakfast with hash browns and everything. What a man.

I was in town pretty early so I managed to nip into the Bead Shop to pick up these stunners to put on a top secret project that I'm designing:

Then when I got into work the webshop was finally back up and running! I still don't know what went wrong with it. Yesterday I was e-mailing back and forth with my hosts who said that they could take it back to the last backup but only if I could verify who I was and that took ages because it relied on my having the last four digits of a debit card I had like two years ago... I found it in the end and that was enough but they did then send me a message that I received this morning saying that there was nothing that they could do, the webshop was still down and I had to do something weird (perhaps with the php if that makes any sense to anybody!?!?) but magically and miraculously it's back up and I attribute that to the fact that I try to be a good person and I did some volunteering once. I've been all the way through to make an order and it worked for me - do let me know if you're struggling though.

Once that was up I could get on and finish our new style mailing list - there were lots of links that I needed to put in that relied on the webshop actually running... It appears that we have some problems with that though, including, but not limited to, the fact that the lovely lilac colour that I so carefully picked out is turning up beeeeeeeeeige for some people. BLURGH. I don't want beige on my mailing list! (Sorry Elizabeth... ;) ). Anyway, I'm waiting for more feedback, especially on the layout because it looks all wacked up on my e-mail but not when I download it as a separate file. I also have big plans to have a list of downloadable newsletters on the website so that people can see what they're signing up for but I've got to work out how to do that (and I will!).

Then I had a load of customers - thank the Lord!!! It's been mega slow around here (students have gone, bank holidays, nice weather, gardens, payday hasn't happened, the knitting apocalypse has come and everybody's lost their fingers... you know, the usual...) and the internet really keeps us going at this time of year, but without that and without customers I have been an unhappy bunny. And while the customers were here I managed to finish the knitting on Vezza's socks. This is the best photo I've got at the mo:

But there will be more, perhaps on here, perhaps just for my Rav sooner or later. There are plenty of ends to sew in once I find my scissors. One of those customers also left me with my next project - after I've done these socks completely - and I am very excited even though I'm desperate to start the socks in the yarn that Verity gave me. Blurgh.

And then, once the busy-ness had died down a bit, I got a couple of blogs written for the thing that I was on about a couple of days ago. Much more on that later - promise!

AND THEN! I remembered that I hadn't told you about this!!!

Which is Davina's version of the Summer Dress. (I don't think I've got a good photo of Davina yet but I do like how haughty she looks there :) :) ). But it isn't as simple as that... ooooooooh no. Her summer dress started off like this:  

Which eagle eye readers will recognise as the Cottonsoft in Cherry, Jade and Oyster (can we all just take a minute to notice that that is a link to a webshop, my webshop, and it works!!!). Davina was pretty sure than she wanted the Cherry and then we had to pick colours that worked together. AND I THINK THEY DO! But Davina thought that it made her look like she was dancing around a maypole. Fair enough. So, she's given the half done dress to me! And she chose her own new colours, out of the Bamboo Cotton (ANOTHER LINK THAT WORKS THANK YOU VERY MUCH) in brown (perhaps called Earth), orange (deffo called Crimson, and that's definitely a crime against colour naming) and teal (Opal). Notice that two of those colours aren't on the internet and that's because they're new and I haven't done them yet. Blurgh. I'll knock them on today, probably (probably not now... more customers... time flies.... tomorrow!). And she liked the new colours so much that she got the second dress done in like two bloody days! Or something ridiculous, the first one took a few weeks maybe?

Anyway, I've got the new dress now, it needs probably another two repeats and then I can wear it and everybody's happy! What a nice story. :):):)

And then, to top of my productive day, I've now gone and written a blog ain't I!??!!? Well done me!

Love Eleanor. :)

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