Saturday, 12 April 2014

Two of a Kind

*****Aaaaaaaand it's all gone. It'll be back soon though so keep an eye out! *****

***I wrote this a couple of days ago and put a quick photo up on the facebook group this morning and people have gone mad which means that all of the Rainbows and one of Alf's Paintings have gone. We're left with Berry One, Berry Two and Alf's Painting Two. If you want them get in there quick!!***

Ahhhhhh. More new yarn! I do like to spoil you, don't I??! It feels like there's been a lot of new yarn here over the last couple of months. FUN! This one though, I know you will love because it's a one off and it sold out within 48 hours last time! Welcome back, Two of a Kind:

Isn't it lovely?!?! Verity's now got her own knitting mill which means that the blanks that they're dyed on are going to be an awful lot easier to do and she has ideas for this stuff! This is everything that we have in stock:

Rainbows Three, Four and Six. The numbers follow on from the last lot (one and two) and Five is missing because of a cock up that we had and therefore it's already been bought. But these are for you and it was by far the most popular last time. Just look at what's been made!!!!

 Beautiful ladies in their beautiful rainbow shawls (faces cut out because I didn't actually ask for permission to plaster them all over t-internet...). I even persuaded Laura-Jo to block hers and it looks fahhhhhhbulous:


Next up, we have the Berries. Now, Vezza called these 'Pink Gradients' and I think she went a bit King Cole on us there because these beauts deserve something a bit more sumptuous sounding. The colours are absolutely stunning - deep, warm purples through to bright and vivid fuchsias through to delicate, salmon pinks. I can only imagine what these are going to turn out like. I know they'll be beautiful though.

And last, but deffo not least because these are like my favourite colours evah, we have the Alf's Painting collection. There is a little story here but first, have a gander:

Alf's Painting One and Alf's Painting Two.

So, Alf, he's a tyke right. Remember this?

Well, look at him wearing it here:

Borrowed from his Mum's facebook group - Truly Hooked. You can see it in his face that's he's up to some mischief can't you? He's into everything - such an engaged little boy.

I think Verity would prefer him to be less engaged with the dying process though. She turned her eyes away for a moment, probably to look after the babbeh or some such and when she turned around again and he'd done this:

The bottom one, not the top. What a child! Verity wasn't sure at first but I think that this'll make a really neat pattern on some socks, it'll be much less of a self-striper and more higgle-de-piggle-de than the other shades but I'm excited to find out! I suggest, if you want to take this one to give it a home, that you look for a simple pattern to let the yarn shine and the colours play - perhaps something like a slip-stitch pattern? Lynsey from Novice Crafter had great success with her Hue and Value shawl when she couldn't work out what else to do with a yarn - I think that would look great knitted with a Navy or Cream 4ply (perhaps the Truly Wool Rich?) or socks. Just socks. I am still on socks. Anyway, that's been named Alfie's Painting One.

The colourway at the top was Verity's way of going with the flow after Alf's engagement to see what could be done and I think that'll work out like a fauxisle pattern (you know like our Regia Mix It Sock?). Part of the fun is working out what will happen with hand dyed stuff though, I think. Like a little secret between the dyer and the crafter. :) This one's been named Alfie's Painting Two.


Guess what I forgot to do from last time! Only draw the bloody winner!!!! So, I've got Verity to do it now and the winner isssssssssssssssssssss:

And that, according to my records is the lovely Hilary Clarke. I can't wait to see what she'll create, she's a bit of a genius knitter. :)

And that's that. One more little link to the whole lot for you, be quick though, they'll be gone soon.

Love Eleanor. xxx

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