Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bitter. Caaaaaaaape.

Ohhohohohohoh! It is BITTER outside!!! Good job I've finished my caaaaaaaaape.

Yep. Literally wearing this in the shop as we speak. Without the belt because my fingers are too cold to fiddle with them right now. I might do that later, if a customer comes in the shop and I can't be typing at the same time, I can be fiddling with my belt instead. Seriously. Cold. WINTER IS NOT COMING, IT'S BLOODY HERE! And the till can tell. :)

Anyway, more about my cape.

I started it on the 15th of October but I've been thinking about it for as many years as it's been a pattern. In fact, I remember the first time I saw it and I was sure I was going to knit it in the Denim colour of the Riot Chunky

 It's a seriously good colour but this is well before I decided on my new years resolution of wearing more black. I can't actually remember which year I made this resolution but I've slowly been doing better at it. When I decided to make this, literally as soon as I'd cast off Sam the Gingerbread Man from Christmas Knits Two, the colour was always going to be black. Sensible black. In fact, I had a good conversation with a French customer about the joys of wearing black and she went straight out to buy a LBD - oh yes, I'll teach the French how to dress classy. Yes I will.

Anyway, me and Boyf finally got to Bakewell on Sunday - we were going the day after the Birthday party in early September but you'll perhaps remember that I was too busy being a celebrity and pillar of the community then? And we've only just had a day off together so we did it! It was lovely! All the way around he was complaining that it was cold and I genuinely couldn't feel it. Brilliant.

We had tea:

 And I sorted the balls out in the knitting bit of the museum:

I found another cape:

Chris found some crochet: 

Look how pleased he is. Ha. 

But the main reason for going anyway is to find a good place to take photos of the most recently finished knitting thing isn't it? Obvs. Only this bloody thing is IMPOSSIBLE TO PHOTOGRAPH. It does actually look fabulous, even if I say so myself, but you know when you walk around and catch yourself in the mirror and it's usually like oh my god who is that frightful woman?!!?!? Ahhhh. It's me. Right now, I'm all like oooooh she looks goooooood, so suave, so classy. OH! IT'S ME!!! But, I'll show you the photos because... well... laughter. 

I'm sure lots of this is to do with the model. It doesn't seem to matter who's at the other end of the camera, as soon as one turns on I'm like a big old doofus. 

Anyway, I've spent a signifcant amount of time flapping my wings over the weekend like this and it mades me feel GOOD!!!

So, details. The pattern is a freebie from Knitty and it's another AMAZING one!!! Click here to get the Constantine pattern by Natalie Selles. Now, the original yarn is a chunky but you know them chunkies that aren't chunkies, they're actually arans? Yep, It's one of them. But I had it in my head that I was doing it in a chunky so I went ahead with the Grousemoor Chunky without doing a gauge swatch (obvs) but the pattern starts with little shoulder bits like squares that you pick up off before setting a raglan type increase and then carrying on forever increasing, increasing, increasing in moss stitch until it's the length that you want. Anyway, the shoulder squares were enough of a gauge for my slatternly ways so I got started. My gauge was well out. 16 stitches per four inches as opposed to 14 stitches per four inches but by the time I'd finished my shoulder squares I was all like ahhhhhh bugger it. And it worked out! Because it doesn't need to fit, as such, it doesn't really matter. And this, dear readers, is why this cape is so bloody brill! Knit, purl, knit, purl, increase a bit, knit, purl. Done. I suggest you get to it. Then you can look at sophisticated as I do.

And that, apparently, is your lot. Because I have to get off and do loads of things but I will hopefully have more to tell you about after Monday of next week because I am planning folks. Planning on making my millions. 

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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