Saturday, 15 November 2014

Customer's Christmas Wish List

Three posts in three days?! I am SPOILING you! I really am. But all of a sudden I'm back with a bang - my energy's here, I love winter, I love Christmas, I want to knit and crochet the whole world and I want to be the best yarn shop owner EVAH! You lucky things!!!

So I'm here to write about this new idea of mine. You lot all know how forgetful I am don't you? Calling people, texting, e-mails. Actually, I'm less forgetful and mor... oooh.... shiny things.... customers... new projects... sleep! There's literally not enough time in the world. So, after the successful Yarndale list (kinda, sorry Helen and mother!!) I thought, why not make more spreadsheets? Surely the answer is more spreadsheets?!!? So, what I'm going to do, is take messages from you - over the phone ((0115) 9474239), over e-mail (knit (at) knitnottingham (dot) co (dot) uk), on facebook, twitter and in person - about what you want for Christmas and then I'm going to:


No limits as to what you can have in there - a jumper's worth of this? A sock's worth of that? A workshop? A crochet hook? A - wait for it - gift voucher? The world is your oyster (coloured Bamboo yarn) and I suggest that you give me a few ideas because the many hoards that you're going to send down here (with your full name so I can look you up) are going to need to buy more than one thing again and again. In fact, I'll even be as organised as to have a 'to buy' column and a 'bought' column so that if there's nothing in the 'to buy' column then we can make a more edumacated guess on what to get you!

Like a certain colour? Get it on the list. 
A certain yarn weight? Get in on the list. 
Birthday? Get it on the list. 
Allergies? Get it on the list. 
Free on one date and not another? Get it on the list.  

I suspect that this could carry on as a more long term thing, but for now let's call it out Customer's Christmas Wish List.

Good idea yeah? I AM ON FIIIIIIIIIIRE!

Also, have you bought your Festive Time Out Bag yet?

That's it. I'm offski.

Love Eleanor.

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