Friday, 14 November 2014

Festive Time Out Bags

I have been working so hard over the last two weeks. Setting myself deadlines, crashing through them like a big ol' knitting heffalump, setting new deadlines, working my fingers to a quivering, shivering wreck. Ugh. But TODAY I had a break through! The patterns are written! Not in their final form, oh no, and one of them still needs to be photographed but the patterns are written. And because of this I finally feel able to put them up for sale. Introducing, our fabulous Festive Time Out Bags.

Now, I can't actually say much, because these are secret until people have them in their greasy mitts but the idea is that everything is provided for a nice hour or so taken out of the busy schedule to craft quietly in the corner and ignore every other thing in the world. The patterns are FANTASTIC! Really cute little things for a bit of Christmas cheer. Some are easy as pie, some a bit spicier and some are made to get your tongue poking out in concentration - I love each and every one of them. I'm especially pleased with the Hard Knitting and Crochet Bags because that was one of my stupid ideas that popped into my head and BLOODY WORKED!!!!

Please read carefully through the descriptions of each one to work out which ones work for you and to see what offers you get - discounts abound! And I'm sorry I couldn't fit the postage in with the product but it just wasn't working for the figures (about the first time I've tried to be a business woman evah...).

Once this first period has passed, the bags will be on general sale so if there's something you fancy but just can't bring yourself to get, let me know and I'll put it on the newly launched Customer's Wish List which I'll speak to you about tomorrow.

Until then, I have to get home. This is the third day this week I've worked late and whilst I lurve you lot and this shop with an undying passion, there's half a bottle of red and a tricksy little lace/cable affair in neon green calling my name.

And once more, the Festive Time Out Bags, buy them or be square. (That works right?).

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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