Tuesday, 9 December 2014


EEEEEEEE! I guess you can tell what this is going to be about from the title... we have... new yarn! :) One brand new yarn and two sets of new colours in old faves. I'll start with the brand new stuff - the delectable King Cole Chunky Tweed.

I remember the first time I saw this in the book - the same visit that Mark showed me the Masham and Masham Misty and I was all like 'AHHHHH WOOL! BRITISH! SCOTLAND'. This was just before the referendum and the politics was starting to get to fever pitch - before Gordon Brown waded in though and sorted everything out - bless his little heart. I digress. I LOVED the colour names. But look at this fella.

He was initially my favourite. Guess what his name is.


That's got to be some sort of a joke? A pun? Clever word play? King Cole? Anyone? There is no bloody Ballmoral! I had a hard time working out what to call it on our website given that people might be looking at prints that King Cole have made and typing in 'Ballmoral' and therefore the search engines would just miss us off completely if we spelled it right - I think that's how it works anyway... Maybe they're cleverer than that? But, after careful consideration, I decided to spell it 'Balmoral' (i.e. the correct way) on our website because I figured, I make enough spelling mistakes and typos anyway I'm best off not deliberately putting it in. *snort*

Anyway, as the name suggests it is a beautiful chunky with tweedy flecks in different colours. I am particularly in love with the Jura which is a sort of slight off white with flecks of grey and blues. Ahhhhh. It feels soft and smooshy to the touch and I cannot wait to see it knitted up. I've sold four jumpers of it already so those ladies just need to get a move on! The offer on today, in t'shop only, is that if you buy the yarn for a sweater you get the pattern for freeeee! You lucky things! :)

I'm going to come back and maybe talk a bit more about it once the patterns are here. The handsome new rep forgot to put them on and I don't want to put them on the internet and promote them if I haven't got them in my greasy mitts. They look divine though. Ahhhh.

Once again, King Cole Chunky Tweed. 

Secondly. Let's do this photo-wise:

Fabulous photo! Fabulous colours! And I didn't even know these had been released yet. What a tit! I am in love with the purple. Actually, deeply in love. Ahhhhhh. 

Anyway. Here's a proper photo: 

And you can see Amelia modelling (in her pj's mwahahah) a pocketed scarf. We're waiting for confirmation of the pattern. Pot Pourri! That's the colour! And now I know how to spell it... Which I've wanted to know all my life. Kinda. 

Anyway, here's a link but the purple needs to be seen to be believed - King Cole Gypsy Chunky.
And last, but not least... the new colours in the Merino DK. Still one of my favourite yarns in the shop and still bringing out stunning colours (apart from the Sahara - have I ever told you how much I dislike brown... ugh....). 

I am thrilled with the Pale Pink and Pale Blue though seeing as this has turned out to be a spot on baby yarn for the more discerning parental units. Actually properly washable, puke-on-able and generally baby proof - the colours, for me, just prove that that's what King Cole want it to be used for. Once you've got that proof you can choose something gender neutral to actually knit though... ;) or is that just me?

Anyway, they're online and ready to go but I will warn you that a lady, literally about 10 minutes ago (I stopped writing the blog to serve her) bought every last ball of the Crocus. That's how good a colour it is. Ha. It'll be back in. Without further ado - the King Cole Merino Blend DK.
And that's it. I must scoot! I'm knitting my nephew a thing and tonight I'm at Chris's house on my own-i-o because he's too scared to leave the cat on her own overnight. Saddact. But it's gonna be heaven once I've had my lonely old soup dinner for one.

Love Eleanor. xxx

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