Friday, 5 December 2014

Small Business Saturday

Ahhhh. This has been one hell of a week! We've had a new yarn (not yet on t'internet but it will be), new colours in the Gypsy and new colours in the Merino DK (also not on t'internet). I've had some incredibly interesting chats with customers - perhaps figuring out a life plan... more on that after Christmas. I've had an argument with the landlord about that bloody door. Met the new yarn rep at King Cole. Done my accounts for October and November (things are looking good - better than I thought - such a worry wort). I've tidied. And tidied again. Sent out 17 internet orders and five more to go tomorrow. Planned the initial stages of a potential art project. Watched a lot of cat videos. Written some notes on a potential new jumper design. Tidied some more. Sorted out the back room after a fashion. Only had one cup of coffee (in the day time, I don't count the essential waking up coffee). Sorted through some past internet orders. Started getting quotes for next years Yarndale bus. Written a lesson. Written two blogs. Planned the next mail shoot out. Comforted a lady going through a divorce. Ooohed and ahhed over a new baby from a friend of the shop.

A lot of things.

And all of this because I am a small business person. We don't have a marketing team, or HR, or an escalated customer complaints department or even a bloody manager. We have me. And sometimes June. But despite all of this we are award winning and making a profit (just) every year which means we can keep on growing and getting new yarns in and being a support and providing a colourful safe haven from the cold and uncaring world. So I do everything I can to celebrate that. It's why we have our birthdays and why we've taken on the Love Your Local Yarn Shop day event and why we're doing a little sumthin sumthin for tomorrow's Small Business Saturday.

It's an American thing really and I've been following what the American yarn shops have been doing over the past few years (yes, I do the research too). Mostly it's parties etc. and whilst I bloody love a good party I haven't got the time at the minute to deal with the aftermath so I'm just putting on a few offers and not doing any work and generally having a nice open day in the shop so customers can drop in with their knitting and crocheting and relax rather than feeling like they're 'taking up my time' (hint: if you're spending money and we're talking about yarn or beards then you're not taking up my time...).

The offers are:

Double points - natch.

Also, a rather sneaky plan that I've developed... If you spend more than £25 then you get a £5 voucher for use during July and August of 2015. Sounds ridic hey? But they're our worst months and the problem isn't getting people buying once they're in - inspiration and confidence giving we can do! It's getting people through the bloody door when they're too busy thinking about holidays and keeping cool. So keep a hold of your special golden tickets and you can grab a bargain and help us through the shit times. Good hey?

And seeing as it's winter - buy an adult garment's worth of the brand new King Cole Chunky Tweed and get the pattern free! There is a slightly problem with that in that the patterns for the Chunky Tweed haven't actually turned up (the new rep got confused but I forgive him because of his handsome face)... but it works to any chunky pattern so we'll get round it. :) AND IT'S BLOODY BEAUTIFUL!

You'll have to get in pretty quick though because I've sold four garment's worth already before I decided on this offer and the grey is looking a little precarious - but if you're little then you might just do it. Those of us with a little more junk in the trunk will have to make do with the red, teal, blue, black, oatmeal or divine white-y-grey-with-a-hint-of-blue (can you tell I haven't got them on t'internet yet so I've no idea what the names are...?). :)
And that's it! Look forward to seeing you here celebrating us and, as always, you because there most certainly wouldn't be an 'us' without a 'you'.

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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