Monday, 1 December 2014

The Big Reveal!

You don't know how relieved I am to get to this stage! I have had SUCH good feedback on these bags which is a big relief. One of the problems with the boxes in the summer was the presentation - I ended up buying boxes that were much too large so this time I thought long and hard about what I could do to make that better and I am thrilled with the result - looks like you are too!!!!


Cute aren't they? And they feel squidgy and delicious. Inside is a pattern, some little balls of yarn and a packet (or maybe some packets) full of goodies. The Learn to Knit and Crochet Bags come with needles/hooks too (the rest of you, I thought you'd already have them and it allowed me to keep costs down). One of the little gifts is a handmade snowflake decoration - MADE BY ME!

Each and every one is different. Some of the are perfect, some have features... but I hope you can find a special little place to put them because I've got a big old cut in my thumb and I'm not sure I'll be able to make anymore - I have a few in stock though...

Anyway, there are lots of different bags, so I'll try to list them in some sensible order here:

This teaches the real bare bones of knitting. I showed it to my mum and she says she understood so we should be okay! I'm dead pleased I worked out what to make, because all that was in my head was scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf but that wouldn't fit in the bloody bag would it??! Aren't they sweet! Don't forget this comes with the needles needed to knit it and put it together.

Once I'd thought of the idea of little bows it was simple to translate that into crochet. We learn chains, doubles, half trebles and trebles. Which is really bloody amazing for two sides of A4. Again, I waved it under my mum's nose and she said she understood it so crossed fingers. Certainly, I've photographed in ways that I think would have helped me when I was trying to learn (oh, I remember it well...).

These were originally going to be two different kits but I simplified the baubles down and shoved them in one! Ain't I good to you! The baubles are flattish but lightly stuffed which makes them a really pleasing size and I'm hoping you'll take the shape and play around with it - really make it your own. And there's a nifty trick with a fork. 

 These were the second thing that I designed for these bag. The idea - in one form or another - has been with me since the summer (in fact probably longer than that) but I thought this was the perfect time to put it into action! The stitches are simple, the construction is simple, the yarn (once I added the 4ply) is simple - and there's a quirky little trick at the end. What's not to like?

This is the Easy Knitted Bag plus some! I've incorporated simple fairisle, knitting in the round, short rows and i-cord to make this just a little tricksier. Still not enough to blow your mind though, that comes later... 

 I couldn't let this go without making some snowflakes could I? In fact there were going to be many more snowflakes but I designed two for Verity's Yarn Club too and I got a bit snowflaked out... These are each only a few rounds long but working with some fine yarn makes finding your stitches a wee bit difficult. We don't call it intermediate for nothing. :)

The piece de resistance (I ain't got time to find the accents.... sorry Frenchies). THESE are what inspired the whole bloody thing. Walking past Stones hardware up the road I saw some keyrings, though 'omg I know what to do with them' and got down to it. Inside each disk is a big old keyring, and then when you're knitting around you make a yo type thing so that there's space for the little keyring to attach later. You'd doing this whilst working on dpns and when you get to the middle of the second side things get a little tight and fiddly. Not for the faint of heart, but also not the worst thing in the world. Something do get your teeth into. You'll have to coco with the photography here. 200 photos of these two keyrings I took. 200.  

And what's knitted (in this shop) must be crocheted. So then I got to work on this. The star was easy to work out, and it's what I suggest you start with, it just needed a bit of jazzing up with the Cosmos. The wreath came to me in a dream. Literally the Joan of Arc of the crochet world. Literally. This time is only took 158 photos to get vaguely in focus ones...
And that, as they say, is your lot! I am SO glad that these are on t'internet. I need to make a few up tonight to have some in stock but I suspect any attempts at being organised with this are futile. As I've explained on each one, the handmade elements (the beading, the potato printing, the winding and the putting together) mean that they may take a couple of days to fly out into the world. But I'm imagining these as Christmas pressies so we'll be okay for a few days won't we? If you want them quicker, do let me know and I'll try my best.

Now, I have a million things to do before the shop shuts so I'm off. Including a design that's Christmas themed and I *think* will be the best thing ever... Excuse me whilst I rein my excitement in (it's been gone for so long I'm so glad to have it back!).

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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