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BRAND NEW YARN! King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK

Ahhhh. It feels like it's been ages since I introduced a new yarn here. It's because of the vlogs. It's dead easy to make a vlog and not so easy to write a blog apart from I can do this whilst being interrupted and I can't do a vlog whilst being interrupted so swings and roundabouts. Anyway, I always used to shout about new yarns on here so I'll carry on! :) You can watch the vlog by clicking here though. I've no idea yet whether I'll say the same things on there as here so maybe you can waste even more time listening to me! Haha.

So this new yarn ey? King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK. It's a cotton blend and I was wary about getting in in because we have so much cotton... Also, now I own the shop I need to be really careful about the yarn that I get in because if it all goes tits up it's only me that has to sort it out (not sure how that's changed really but, ey...). Soooo, it's not technically a new yarn to King Cole but because we're the main stockist for them in the area you've probably not seen it elsewhere if you're local to us and this makes it exciting!

So exciting we have to surround ourselves in a puddle of it, don't we Jan?

I love that photo so much. :)

Now, the yarn is a 50/50 cotton/premium acrylic mix. Cotton tends to be quite heavy and drapey whereas acrylic tends to be lighter and less dense. They meet in the middle to create a beautiful cool drapey yarn that's light as a feather. Acrylic gets a lot of flack around the knitting/crochet world. People often think of it as included in mixes because basically it keeps the price down but here I think the actual fibre has a lot to answer for. It's there on its own merit, not just the fact that it's cheap. Although, it does come in at £4 so it's a little cheaper than the pure cottons and the Bamboo Cotton DK for example. Good old acrylic. I've got a lot of love for acrylic.

So, the colours are the next thing to talk about arent't they? 

Red Denim - Silver - Indigo - Black Denim

Green Denim - Blue Denim - Sahara - Cream
I find myself being almost apologetic about the fact that they're pastel-ish and I need to stop. Pastels have their place. Lots of people love them I like them either in small doses or when they're more interesting like this. Here have a close up. 

Isn't that just lovely? So, from what I can tell it's made up for 4 plies that are themselves 2 plies and each of the 2 plies is a different colour, cream and something else, which makes it a marl. So it's kind of a marl and kind of not and this makes it interesting. I remember having a jumper made in something similar in the 90's that my mum made me wear with tartan trousers - the shame. This time I'm making something I want to wear and not wearing it with trousers never mind tartan ones haha.

That photo also shows the texture really well, it's kind of fluffy and kind of not. It feels so soft because of that fluffyness but I'm also not getting the tufts everywhere that you get with the Cottonsoft until it's washed. Obviously, it came in the shop five days ago so I haven't had a chance to wash it yet but I'm hopeful!

It's also, if you're worried about working with cottons, got a lot more 'give' than a standard cotton has. I know a lot of people feel like it hurts their hands when they're working with cotton and I get that - but this one might be worth a try. Maybe try something small like a hat or a cowl? It would make a lovely early Autumn cowl, just when the nights are drawing in. Ahhhhhh, Autumn, how I can't wait to be in you.

Anyway.... the patterns that they have provided are great. None of them are going to do your head in *she says*. They're all relatively simple, some with a little lace, some with cables and some just basic knits and purls. I guess you can't go too mad with this stuff because of the colours but I must admit I'm really enjoying Jan's double moss stitch. Let me see if I can dig up a photo for you:

 You can get the patterns by clicking here. (Not Jan's, she's making it up, bloody overachiever). I'm just going to show you a couple of my favourites (but not the one I'm actually making because that will hopefully make a pattern of the week if I like it when it's finished. Haha).

I like this one:

King Cole 4127. I like the jumper more than the top but I could see myself wearing that top as a t-shirt if I lowered the neck a little. You know me, tits akimbo preferably. This was the one that was a possibility when Gen and Steph were looking at stuff to make in the Authentic but I persuaded them not to because I wanted a cardigan. Maybe we could have another knit-a-long, if they don't hate me when I've finished the cardigan in less than a week...

I like this one:


King Cole 4128.Mainly because it's got pockets and moss stitch I think. I like the cheeky cable on the pockets though, I think that's a lovely touch. I'd probably do the neckline from the cream version with the length of the blue version and therefore make the perfect cardigan for me. WHICH COLOUR?!?!!?

And I like this one:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just think it's a little different from the normal King Cole mens' pattern. It's tighter, more fitted, a bit more modern. Lots of you knit for sons and boyfs and they're more like early to mid 20s and they don't necessarily want a big old grumpy old mans sweater - unless they do, which is fine - it's about choice isn't it? I like the little details on this, the ribbing on the sides and around the raglan. Lovely.

And that, as they say, is that. A lovely new yarn that I'm thrilled to have in the shop. I'm not al all apologetic for the colours but I do hope they bring out a bigger range for my customers of colour and those of us that appreciate the brighter side of the rainbow. :)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxx

P.s. Once more for the google rankings - King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK.

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