Saturday, 23 May 2015

Eleanor's Pattern of the Weeeeeeeeeek - 3846

You'll have to forgive a slightly rushed post this week, but on seeing the photos you'll probably be pleased I rushed it haha. I want to talk about pattern 3846 and how amazing it is and how much I loooooooooove it but Chris was a mardy bugger in the middle of the week and wouldn't stay around to take good photos with me so I'm stuck with very odd ones. Luckily, my customers are much more reasonable people (sometimes, haha) and allowed me to photograph them in it so you also get good photos of the pattern by people who love it. It does make a difference when you have somebody enjoying being behind the camera I think. Anyway, they helped with the video too:

Ahhhhh lovely Gen and Steph. We've had a ball today and there's a vlog to come - watch out.

Let's start with a lovely photo. Here's Steph modelling my version:

 I made the middle size (36-38") in the Meadow colourway of the Shine DK and Steph's now started her own in the brand new Regency colourway.

The pattern says it's an easy one row lace pattern and it is. The stitch pattern itself is incredibly easy, just yarn overs and purl two togethers. However, I struggled a little with the fronts because it's that dreaded 'at the same time' (I say that in a strange voice, if you ever listened to classic beatboxing you'll know it but I can't remember his name... anyway...). I always like to include a top tip and I will even though I'm rushing...

So, the key is to use tallies and to use different symbols. So you might use a straight normal line for the tally and then an 's' shape for increases and then maybe a dot at the top for decreases. So, if you have to increase every 4th row and decrease every 12th it'll look something like this:

I worked out this system a loooooong time ago and it does actually work but of course, as with any way of keeping up with knitting and crochet rows, you actually have to write down every time you do a row and if you forget you're in a pickle. So do it.

This is how it looks on me: 

Beautiful photo, thanks Chris. 

And this is how it looks on Gen who is much smaller

If you ignore the hoodie underneath it actually looks pretty good on a woman this size doesn't it? Like a kimono style type thing. If you're this size/making it to fit like a kimono I'd leave the three buttons off the bottom and if you're not but planning on wearing it closed like me then I'd suggest actually sewing it shut which is what I'll probably do when all of my customers have stopped trying it on. Haha.

And that's your lot! Good pattern, good yarn. Brill.

Love Eleanor.

P.s. this'll have to do instead of a yoga pose. This is how good the photos were. The bastard. 

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