Thursday, 14 May 2015

Vlogs, Yarns, Books, Hooks, Bowls, Stitch Markers, TV and More Yarn

So, I've done a personally updatey one and I really should do a shop updatey one.

I'm going to start with the vlogs. I've mentioned them a few times on here but since I've started doing them there has been so much stuff to do that just doing those has been enough, never mind, never mind, never mind. I'm here now. So what is a vlog? Sounds a bit techy or hipster or ridiculous doesn't it?! Which is why when I first started I was determined not to call it that but I've plumped upon it, thanks I think to Sarah Brown, and now it's stuck. I've been doing this for about two months now so it's a good thing that I've got a name. Haha.

What is actually is, is nothing hipster or scary, it's just me having a chat. Like on here. But on a video. One of the things that I love about my friends reading this is that they can hear me speak apparently. I don't know much about grammar (I missed an early lesson in school and everything else was based on that so I just switched off...), my typing's fast but not great and I don't often get chance to reread what I've said so it's lovely that people can be positive about this little blog. The vlog is just the same thing but with me speaking so you don't have to worry about my typos and spelling mistakes. You do have to worry about the ummms and ahhhs though, and forgetting words.... and swearing.... be warned, I do try but they slip through...

I talk about similar stuff to what I do here but because it's a quick and easy process to film (when I'm not interrupted) I also get more interviews with customers in there - Toni, Rachel, Chris and Vezza amongst others. I talk about yarn a lot - Washed Cotton, Authentic Cotton, Cottonsoft for starters. I do some helpful little ones - about Ravelry, Facebook and blocking amongst others. I've talked about events - the bastard council man, Yarndale (before it was sold out...) and Yarn Shop Day (before it happened). I also have little ranty ones occasionally... In April I did one every day (apart from one day that I never caught up on... sorry!) so there are lots for you to discover and I've been told that they're good for listening to whilst you're doing your knitting or crochet and I know most people can't read and knit/crochet so it's a good alternative to the blog if you want to live 24/7 in Knit Nottingham world. :)

This is our whole youtube page.

This is the Vlog A Day April Page.

This is the Weekly Weblogs page.

And these are the yarn introductions ones.

I'll try and be organised and make sure that they're in the right spot for you but you can also subscribe to our Youtube page or you can just remember to to check this page about once weekly and I'll promise to get that up to date (it went by the wayside during Vlog A Day April because of the sheer amount of customers and videos and stuff I had to do.... I'll sort it).

I really enjoy doing this vlogs. Certainly, they take a lot less time to make than the blogs - assuming I don't get interrupted - but I do have to do them early on because they take alllll day to upload so swings and roundabouts. I'm glad that I've got back on to doing the blogs though because I don't want to lose this. I love our little community here.

Right, onwards and upwards.

It is a symptom of just how busy I've been that it's only now that Verity's yarn leftover from the Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day is on the internet. They are stunning.

Agreed? And now every single one of them is available on the internet. Also available in the shop obviously but available to every single one of my beautiful customers no matter where you are in the world. You could have your own little piece of Nottingham knitting history. Lovely. Click here. 

In other news, King Cole have discontinued a few bits and bobs which means we'll be having a sale soon. I have to get a few things organised to get that into production but the first things that I can announce are on sale are these two beautiful books. The Catwalk Collection:

And the Elegance Collection by Jenny Watson: 

Both gorgeous books with 12 knitted designs for adult women. Over the next few days I'll be sharing a little of what's inside the books on the vlog, on the facebook and probably here so keep an eye out. They each used to be £8 and they're down to £3 which I can't believe because it's only 70p more than you'd pay for a single pattern! Boom! 

The reason I can get these organised so quickly is because the cupboard at the back of the shop's left side finally collapsed upon itself with the weight of our hundreds of patterns so I've had to have a swap around and it's now the perfect place for our King Cole Fashion Aran and Grousemoor Aran and the patterns and books and Dolly Mix are over on the right hand side.

It looks a lot fresher, I can tell you that for free.

I need to mention the hooks which I talked about on this vlog, because I've been asked about them a lot. I am thinking about how best to get these onto the internet seeing as I'm not yet organised enough to make actual colourways although now my 220 hooks have arrived I might make a change on that... Suffice to say, they will go on, somehow, but I know not how and therefore when. Bear with.

They are good aren't they!? Ahhhhhh.

And in a little bit of sad news, in that blog I mentioned a yarn bowl (quite a lot) that I wanted to do a giveaway on but it's since proved itself not to be as good as I thought it was. The bowl is gorgeous and it works but the spikes which I adore just won't stay on! They look like they're going to and lots of them do but a few of them just aren't gonna. So I'm not giving it away, I'm going to retreat, regroup and smash out some brill bowls for you to feast your eyes on asap. Maybe with hooks to match!?!??!

And stitch markers?!?!!?!?

Don't they look goooooooood?!?! They're now ready to buy on the internet - 40p each or 6 for £2. You can get ones for crochet or for knitting or a mix of both. Totes up to you. Knit Nottingham Stitch Markers - hand made with love for you.

In the future I hope to make some that 'show' something. I've got thoughts about frogs for some reason and I hope to make ones that are repeatable rather than just the offcuts from hooks and bowls so I'll make sure to keep you updated on here because there's always time for stitch marker love isn't there? I may also do a blog about how to use them in knitting and in crochet because I know that I had no idea really and learned without using them and now I rarely do use them but I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to make some more money for the shop - more money means more yarn! 

Talking about more money for the shop - I'm off doing some marketing tomorrow on the Channel 8 Debate over at Notts TV. I have to be awake and out of the house by 8am tomorrow morning and you know that'll be a real difficulty for me so you'd better bloody watch from tomorrow evening at 7.30. I'm really hoping there might be a question on human rights but I also know that I'm not allowed to get too political so we'll see whether I can reign myself in. It also means that tonight's going to be spent with a nice glass of wine, the Guardian and some knitting. And it means that I have to work out a simplish project to make whilst filming that won't go too badly wrong but I'm in the middle of a spate of finish-it-itis or at least stash-it-down-itis and nothing I want to cast on is simple. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

And finalllllllllllllly, have you seen that we've got two new colours from Cygnet? Just nice simple colours. A pinkish blush colour in the Cygnet Aran and a Navy in the Cygnet Seriously Chunky which goes beautifully with the Endive in the Seriously Chunky Mixes. Two lovely colours. Well done Cygnet.

And you're up to date. I've got a bloody brill pattern of the week already written for Saturday. I think you'll love it. See you then,

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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