Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Two Weekends.

I am SO glad that I have two weekends to talk about because this weekend has been..... strange.... I'll talk about it in a moment when I'm into my typing stride and I've got some lovely things out the way.

So, we start with the weekend before last - the Sunday and Monday after Yarn Shop Day which was a bank holiday if you remember. On the Sunday I woke up dead early. Like deathly early. Really annoying. So I set Chris off making proper coffee and a leftovers breakfast and went back to bed with my knitting. Obvs. I started the KAL cardigan which I talked about in this blog post. No sooner had I started the front than I'd bloody finished it!

12 o'clock. Midday. Finished. Ridiculous. So at that point I got up and went downstairs and I even put some clothes on. But I couldn't do it. I went back to bed and made this:  

It's a beautiful necklace! I am so pleased with it! It's from this blog post here and it's designed by the lovely Emma from the Bead Shop which is, incidentally, where I bought my beads (these ones and these ones... I think...) and got inspired by seeing her wearing it. I love it!

And then I really did get out of bed and smashed up a load of concrete which was great fun. 

Which is basically just a big old pile of rubble. But we're slowly bagging it up and putting it in Chris's car and sending it off to the tip when we can. His parental units are coming up next weekend ish and will be able to move quite a lot more in their big gas guzzling megalith car. 

THEN WE WENT TO SEE A KITTEN! But I can't send you a photo of said kitten because kitten is being hidden from parents/landlords until it very definitely gets found out about.

Then we.... can't even remember. Moving onto Monday. We realised that the seeds from the marrows last year just weren't coming up so we had to go to the garden centre to get either some seedlings or some more seeds to plant. Whilst we were there I picked up a lot of funny seeds which we planted later and Chris hasn't been watering. Divorce. We got everything planted out in the garden and I was pleased. Then we nipped to Mum's to pass her some tomato plants and ended up scoring some top notch garden decorations:

And I planted my new geraniums which are the only flowers I've ever planted in my adult life that are flowers and not for eating. Imagine that.

So. Then last week happened which was just a mad rush of all sorts of things and about halfway through the week me and Chris got it into our heads that we should go and visit his grandparents in Skegness (or thereabouts) because I had the Sunday off. I sorted with June to have the Saturday off and with them that we were staying and BOOOM! We were off!

Now, I was aware that they were tory... I'm generally, as you may have guessed, pretty left leaning but I get on with lots of tories and people right of centre. But.... this was something else. Something old fashioned and unacceptable and they knew it. Chris and I challenged them a lot which I was really proud of him for because it's his grandparents and also he's generally a little righter than I am but it has been glorious to watch his sloooooooooow ascent leftwards over the past couple of years. Anyway, this was more than just left and right - this was uncomfortable and unacceptable.

But, moving on from that, the rest of his family were lovely (and left leaning - HOORAY!).

This is the view from the house that we stayed at. So gorgeous. How could you be angry when you live in such a beautiful place? Gorgeous.

On the Saturday evening Chris got very very drunk. The bugger. So on the Sunday he was feeling worse for wear and we decided to got to the beach. But because his grandparents are in a bit of a pickle about the fields of rape around the place, we had to have the windows up so that the ..... death rays..... from the rape plants couldn't get it but it meant the car was too hot and windy country roads and..... Chris was puking all over the place. Lovely. With a closed car. Oh gosh. Anyway, we washed it all off in the sea as best we could and went for a walk whilst he dried off but it did mean that I didn't get the photoshoot that I wanted for my new garments. I did manage to persuade him to take a series for pattern of the week:

Which is just great. Blurry, fingers, too far away. Good job lad.

Anyway, I got that finished this weekend. And both of these:

The Authentic one that I'm wearing and the Cotton Aran one that Toni's wearing. This is my disappointed face at the fact that Toni didn't vote. FML TONI!

AND I finished this:

Which I will talk about one day. And explain what I did. If it works out. Which I'm still not sure it will....

And I sewed in the ends of the blanket that I talked about here. Finally.

Anyway, when we got home we had a BBQ. YEEEEEEAH! And I admired my wildflower garden which is attracting all the birds and the bees and butterflies.

And then yesterday I did accounts. The bit of accounting that I do like - sorting things into nice piles. Next week, I'll start compiling it into some sort of excel sheet and then the week after maybe finish it (snort....). None of this for me next year as I've now got an accountant to do it all for me. When I sort my shit out which requires me to have done this years because everything's all smooshed together.

And finally, I avoided knitting this:

Which is a pattern that's literally doing my head in and it's all Jean's fault. I will not defeat me though. Fact.

I've got to go - so late!!!!!

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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