Saturday, 20 June 2015

Eleanor's Pattern of the Weeeeeeeeeek - 3475

So. I'm afraid this is another short-ish one and actually I'm disappointed with the photos of it but it's the second shoot we've done and apparently it just doesn't photograph that well but it looks and feels amazeballs. So this Pattern of the Week - the idea being that you see it, fall in love and make it - probably won't function as a Pattern of the Week. Annnnnnnnnyway:

I'm starting this week with the yoga pose because it's my favourite photo and my favourite pose. This is the forward fold and my god it's amazing! So the idea is that you keep your legs straight ish - knees unlocked though, I really struggle to do both things at once - and then you fold from the hips straight down. Your hands/fingers can touch the earth over maybe fold under your feet but I like to hold my opposite elbows and dangle and honestly, you know when you've been knitting/crocheting for hours and your shoulders are tight? This sorts that shit out.  It's actually quite painful sometimes if you're tight but you can wiggle a bit until it's less painful and then push a little further each time. SUCH a good pose. Everybody should do it. Every day.

Right, on with the jumper. This is pattern is 3475 and it's been out a while. It's originally done in the Fashion Aran but when we first got the Big Value Recycled Aran in I just knew I had to start it. It's crocheted, just in case you didn't get that.

Now. the Fashion Aran is a much finer aran than the Recycled Cotton. Less because of the actual thickness and more because of the nature of cotton. So that, along with my ridiculously loose crochet tension apparently, means that I went down two sizes. So if you're following what I'm doing with the subsitutions, just have that in mind.

So, what I wanted to talk about this week is less of a top tip and more... I don't know. Who needs words?? It's only a blog. I want to talk about modelling and knitting. So, King Cole use the same model again and again, apparently she's lovely and a vegan. Imagine that. So, King Cole is a company run by middle aged (white) men. This isn't a problem as such (well it is but...) because that's basically the whole world that we live in isn't it? They are a lovely company to work with, genuinely and you know I'd tell you if they weren't, haha. But they are middle aged men trying to work out what we're going to want. And I think they do well, generally. But sometimes the.... styling... leaves  a little to be desired. Take this pattern:

The one we're talking about - 3475. Most people skip straight past it because, frankly, the cream cardigan is atrociously styled. It's probably not the kind of thing I'd wear anyway but really - WHO PUTS A CREAM CARDIGAN ON A WHITE OUTFIT!?!?!?! WHO DOES THAT!!??? And, honestly, who wears a fully white outfit apart from a bride?? But, look a little closer, it's a really nice short sleeve cardi with a tie front and a textured stitch, in aran. You don't get that very often! That's a stunner of an unusual pattern - but who'd notice that when you're looking at the ghastly outfit in general. It's obviously to save money/time seeing as it's the same outfit she's wearing in the next photo, although it looks a little better there... because it's mostly hidden... What about jeans? And not pink jeans or ripped jeans because you're trying to be cool???

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that King Cole, and loads of other yarn brands - I'm not just bitching about King Cole here it's everybody - are men trying to sell to us and they struggle and it's up to us to see through the cream on white on white outfit. Haha.

This is honestly the best photo from the front. This. Haha. Do notice that it's very booby. I think that's the raglan sleeve. If you don't want to be so booby then probably avoid it but if you've got smaller boobs or big boobs and you don't mind them showing then go for it. But not in cream. With a white outfit.

I will want you that the lovely textured stitch does make it thick though, so I'd start it now-ish to be wearing it for Septemberish. BECAUSE WINTER IS COMING! Don't worry! Tomorrow is Midsummer. Winter is on its way!!!

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

P.s. Cat likes it.

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