Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Knit In Public Booze Up

Yeaaaaaah! There are punctuation marks throughout the year where knitters and crocheters can celebrate how brilliant there are - Knit Nottingham's birthday party, Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day, Christmas and World Wide Knit In Public Day! Which is this Saturday!!! Woohoo!

We're piggy backing on Knit Happens' event because I'm disorganised. They're meeting at 3 at the Gooseberry Bush pub which is on Peel Street and just a few minutes from the shop. But because it's on Saturday (the 13th - this Saturday) I'll be at work until 6.30 so that's when the Knit Nottingham contingent will turn up. If you don't know where you're going, come to the shop for 6/6.30 and we'll walk up together. You're welcome to come earlier or later with me or even later than that! All you need to do is bring your version of sticks and string and a few pennies for a drink or two (alcoholic or not) and we'll sit and chat and make it known publicly how bloody clever we are!

I do think that knitting and crochet can be solitary hobbies - and I love them because of that - but sometimes we just need to get together with like minded people and makes jokes about ssks and blocking, don't we? It's a fabulous way of getting inspiration and learning new tricks and commiserating and celebrating and being celebrated for the amazing stuff that we do every day. It's also a nice informal way for all of my customers to get to know eachother. The ladies on the banner above - Gen, Jazz, Toni, Steph and Davina - are all regulars who appear on the blog and the Facebook but the only way that they got to be such good friends of the shop was by turning up to events like these and getting to know me and one another, there's no trick to it, it's just being friendly. It's been one of life's biggest learning curves for me - how to make friends when you're not at school - turns out all you have to do is be a bit brave and smile at and chat to people (not creepily like, you still have to be sane haha).


This Saturday the 13th - from 3pm (6.30 for the Knit Nottingham contingent) - bring knitting/crochet/whatever - have fun!
A bite more info - or more of the same - on the Facebook event page which you get to by clicking here.

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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