Friday, 12 June 2015

Voting Begins!

Today is the day that voting for the British Knitting Awards begins. This is set up and run by Let's Knit and Let's Get Crafting and it is the pinnacle of the yarn shop owners year. The voting runs like this - you, the great British knitting and crocheting public, nominate us and then when we're shortlisted you get to vote again! We've won best yarn shop in the Midlands for the last two years running (and before that we were third in the UK) and you can read about our experiences here and here. If we win we get to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally to pick up our award and I love going every year even if it means I have to venture into... the south. Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuuhn!

I've gone a little restrained with the cover photo this year. No idea why. Last year's looked like this:

I think it's because this year, not only are we up for the best yarn shop in the Midlands but also the best ONLINE SHOP (!!!!!) and potentially the best yarn shop day experience. We just keep getting better and better!

Those of you that follow the facebook or the vlog will know how excited I am about the online shop business. I'll not go into it here, or mention the name, but I leave my options open because I have opinions about that (who'd have thunk that I would have opinions! haha!).

Anyway, lots of you area  little nervous about how else you might vote and I don't want to influence you so if you know how you want to vote then go for it, but I'll tell you how I'm voting (and how it might helps the shop and the bits that we stock) so that if you're lost for a question or two or three then you can follow me.

Load this page up separately.

1). King Cole (we stock them!).


3). King Cole.

4). Fyberspates (the only one that's remotely independent and lovely).

5). King Cole.

6). King Cole

7). West Yorkshire Spinners (we don't stock them but I'd bloody love to and they're great to speak to as a yarn shop and I made socks with some of their yarn and it was delish).

8). King Cole (obviously they have the best designers in the world).

9). Katie Davies (the only independent...)

10). Abakhan (if you must).

11). Knit Nottingham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so unlikely to win that it hurts but it would be AMAZING if we came second or third or surprised everybody. :)

Then you can miss out 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 and then:

17). Knit Nottingham! (My heart is palpitating. These other shops are lovely, they look great, but I SO want to win!).

19). Addi.

20). Addi.

21). I really have no opinions - The Little Knitting Company perhaps? You don't have to answer every questions you know...

22). Other - Knit Nottingham. Obvs.

23). Ravelry. Spread the love for the BEST knitting resource literally EVER.

24). Yokes by Kate Davies I suppose.

25). YARNDALE! WOOHOO! Or... other: Knit Nottingham's Birthday Party. Haha.

26). KNIT NOTTINGHAM! Even if you didn't make it to the Yarn Shop Day Party that we put on (and like millions of you did) you can read about it here and vote for the fun that we had vicariously.

And that's your lot. You don't have to vote in every single questions - so really, you only have to answer 11, 17 and 26 and then not only will we love you forever but you'll get the chance to shop at a five time British Knitting Awards winning shop! That, is something for us all isn't it!?

Now, tomorrow is still Knit in Public Day and you're still invited to the event that we're hijacking at the Gooseberry Bush from three (we'll be there from half six). And you can find out more about it by clicking here.

In the meantime, lots of secret-ish/admin-ish stuff going on behind the scenes so I've not a lot to say to you but I'll leave you with this beautiful photo of some new rainbow stitch markers available here or in the shop.

Love and gratitude,

Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P. s. And the link once more.

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