Monday, 15 June 2015

Knit, Crochet, Gin, Cat, Vote

So, last Saturday was Worldwide Knit In Public Day (or was it Sunday? I don't know...) and we piggy backed with the ladies from Knit Happens in Nottingham and had a marvelous time at the Gooseberry Bush. The girls started at three so by the time I managed to get there with my crew of customers a few had come and gone and a few were waiting just to say hello and nipping off which meant that we were left with a small but vocal crowd of knitters and crocheters and it was lovely.

Turns out it was Worldwide Gin Day too and as much as we like to promote knitting and crochet, we also like to promote gin. 

So me and Gen took it upon ourselves to try every gin in the place - six different kinds. Hendricks was the best, Gordons tasted like water. Carla took the much more sensible option of enjoying one. But she's also knitting a big old 4ply jumper in stocking stitch so maybe she used all of her sensible-ness on her drink choices. Haha. It is beautiful though.

The gin was going down beautifully and then everybody said I ought to have something to eat. No idea why.... So I ordered a hot dog which I thought might come with a salad or be presented or something. But no.

Just a big old sausage and a few chips. Haha. Delicious though. 

Everybody else was sensible with their projects. I bought a shawl that I'm designing and that I was free skeining (as in, I hadn't balled the skein up because I am lazy enjoy living life on the edge). The shawl obviously enjoyed being there though because when I skeined it up quickly to go to the bar for the fourth gin it naturally settled itself into a heart shape instead of a skein shape. AHHHHHHHHHH! I shared it on Instagram and then was abused by Steph because the photo wasn't good enough. As an aside, are you following us on instagram? Click here. I promised Jazz a couple of weeks ago that I'd download it and try it for a couple of weeks and I may be addicted now. All her fault. I love posting photos and spend very little time looking at other people's stuff because I'm a self absorbed, knitting cat addict apparently but I enjoy thinking of hashtags and messing around with filters and then deciding not to use them. Addictive. Anyway...

Chris came because he's a supportive Boyf but he didn't bring his crochet because he's a miserable bugger. Everybody shouted at me because I expect him to make my breakfast in bed when I'm with him but why the hell not people?! He signed up to it, he can't complain now. Start the training early on. Haha. Bear in mind that I'm the one that introduced the idea of shelving and lamps into his life, he should be forever grateful.

He always seems to chat the girls up, bless him. Here is Natalie enoying his company - luckily this time he wasn't making inappropriate drunken jokes or proposing like he was on Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day. Haha.

And finally,

Absolutely nothing to do with Knit In Public Day but here is Versace being all fingers, thumbs and paws this morning. Can you remember when we went to the Kitty Cafe and Chris signed up to get another cat? Well we finally had Kate from the Cafe come to check the house out today. No answer as to whether we might be able to adopt little Gucci (Marie) but we've got our fingers crossed. Versace was intrigued by Kate's catty smell (as in, she's surrounded by cats all day, not that she stinks of piss haha) and then she (Versace, not Kate) performed many many sprints up and down the whole length of the house to impress Kate. Perfect cat. Now she's snoozing in the sun on the star shaped blanket that I made a few months ago and has finally found a home on the chair by the window. Such a cutie.

And finally finally finally, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we'd BLOODY LOVE IT if you could bring yourselves to vote for us in numbers 11, 17 and 26 in the British Knitting Awards by clicking here. Don't forget that husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, siblings, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews all benefit from how brilliant we are too by us selling you the yarn that you make things for them with so they could genuinely and legitimately vote too (and if they're using the same computer then you'll need to right click on the 'vote now' link on this page and open in a private window because they only allow one entry per ip address or whetever it's called).

That's it. Thanks to everybody that came and everybody that wanted to come and everybody that drank gin. It was bloody brill.

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxx

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