Monday, 19 September 2011

As many of you know my big love is spinning which neatly ties in to my love of textiles in general. This means that I often sit in the shop,look at all the wonderful yarns and what if I stitched with this, weave with this, felt with this as well as knit/crochet with it

inkle loom

. Thinking along these lines my most recent acquisition has been an old inkle loom. The inkle loom has been around for at least 400 years and is used to make braids to edge garments and belts etc. The width of the loom means that you are restricted to about 3 inch but you can generally weave several feet in length on one.

inkle loom
So I grabbed a few balls of yarn and played, learning how the patterns formed.The next a ha moment was discovering a pattern generator on the net which let me place colours where I wanted them to get the right results.

inkle loom
Knitting yarn tends, by its very nature, to be a bit stretchy so it will be interesting to see how the end result behaves. In the meantime I am working on making sure the edges are neat.
It will be fun to see how variegated yarns work and I've already found that hand spun has to be tightly plyed to stop it furring up the string heddles.
These are very early steps into the world or weaving, will keep you in 
touch with my progress.


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