Monday, 12 September 2011

September, September.

Today I've been scanning the last few patterns to put up on the webshop - these are the ones where the info has already been written but the pictures are causing me some grief so I thought I'd just delete those ones and start again. It's only about twenty and finally, after months and months, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by using our scanner (the same scanner that we've had since I was 16...). The worst part of it was when I first started using it and I kept clicking the icon for the software to appear on screen and it just wasn't there. I tangled myself in knots trying to figure it out - the software CD's have long since disappeared so I thought we might have to fork out for a-whole-nother scanner. But it's okay. Apparently all you have to do is choose the icon, press 'alt+space' and click 'minimise' twice. Makes sense? Yeah - I love computers. But it does work...

Anyway, so the last twenty patterns are being done!! The rest are live: here you go. It's not pretty yet - when you click on 'patterns' then 'single patterns' it tells you there are no products in that category. That's correct but there are 'folders' in there that should be turning up but they only appear on the left hand side. Which is weird. Again, let me tell you how much I love computers. That should be sorted in some way of another by the end of today but I'm having a break to complain to you guys about it and to emphasise how much I love computers! I also have no idea why it says we have 1847 patterns - we don't - it's only about 200 but I'm sure that'll keep you going for a while...

Had a  real comptuery day on Saturday - dead proud of myself. I updated the Heritage DK with some new colours, and the Lopi Chunky. I managed to get the Katia Aloha up and running aswell as finally finding a Katia company logo that I could use so that this page looks a bit neater (I actually had to fart about with pixels and jpeg sizes to get that right for you - computer genius!!).

Things aren't quite right yet - if they were the the numbers after 'yarn by weight', 'yarn by fibre', 'yarn by company' would be the same but they're not. I believe that means that I've not copied some of the yarns into all of the categories that they could be in but sorting that out would be boring so I'm leaving it for a time when I can't do much else but feel like I need to do some work. Hangover anyone!?

I'm feeling fresh at the moment - it's the September thing. I haven't bought myself a new pencil case or shoes or anything but I'm ready for some new challenges and feel excited about finishing some old ones (I think it's mainly because these bloody patterns are nearly finished...). The next stage is to get all of our artisan items on the internet which is going to be a challenge - there's so much stuff and obviously it's all a one-off so I'm going to have to keep on top of what's selling where but we've lasted a year now and I'm confident that it's all within our reach. Just smile and it'll all be all right!

It's also dead exciting to see all the new and big projects being started!!! Must have been about 10 of you last week buying yarn for your big winter projects - including a very very very very exciting cabled sweater! If I don't see photos of that one I shall be sorely disappointed - you know who you are!

Oh wow - I nearly forgot to mention that the Cygnet Seriously Chunky is back in stock! As popular as ever, on Saturday, the first day it was in the shop, we sold 14 balls! How exciting - especially the new colours 'cornflower' and 'candyfloss'. I think I made it clear on facebook that cornflower has stolen my heart - it's the most vibrant, deep, electric blue you've ever seen and I can't wait to see it worked up but it looks like I may have to make a sample in bluebell because I was making a sample last year in that colour that never got finished (eyes bigger than my knitting capacity...). Oh it's a hard life...

I think that's enough, I need to make a cup of tea and get back to those patterns but I thought I'd leave you with this. It's the post that we made exactly a year ago about how excited we were about the opening and how well it had gone. At that point I didn't even know the login for the blog (never mind the e-mails, paypal, website etc etc etc...). Look how far we've come! Writing blogs and everything.

Also - I promise this is the last bit - we've had as many hits on the blog already this month as September, October, November and December last year! Not put together mind, but it does mean you're reading it! Thanks!! It makes me feel like a celebrity!!!

P.s. Honestly the last thing I'll write - when I type 'tea' into the keyword label thingy then press space to get me to the next word the computer automatically updates it to 'tea knees'. I wonder what I was talking about when I put those words together...

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