Thursday, 1 September 2011

'Twas the summertime

And the weather was... well, frankly, not great.

I was working away, down in that there Londontown. One day, as I was checking Ravelry, I spotted an invitation to join a new group for a new yarn shop FIVE minutes round the corner from where I live. Woohoo! And they were going to have a PARTY!

Which would have been another woohoo, if I hadn't realised I would be in that there Londontown on the day. Still, I was in Nottingham the weekend before, so I decided to find this place and check it out. And what did I find? Eleanor on her knees, scrubbing away, but no sign of yarn. We chatted, and a couple of weeks later I went into the shop - with wine.

What yarn, what colours. Fanblubbertytastic it was. And over the next few months, I kept returning and buying yarn. Love, love, love the Grousemoor chunky. Started a long term affair with King Cole Riot. The Mirage spoke to me. And, as for the Jarol Heritage...

The months flew by, in a whirl of yarn and wine and knitting and wine (well, sometimes tea). I have flirted with Bamboo Cotton, the Cygnet DK and Aran acrylics. Chatted to customers.

Then, on my birthday (although they didn't know it then), I was asked if I wanted to join the business. Absoflippinglutely!

So, as we approach the first birthday, I'm looking forward to PARTY, more yarn, more knitting and, probably most importantly, more wine. I'll be in the shop on Mondays, so call in, say hello and shop, shop, shop.

Love June. Thanks for having me!

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  1. Heyyyy! How you doing? Oooh, it's lovely to see your first blog post.

    Yes, that Jarol Heritage came and started a flirtation with me that's lasted till this day, ooh la la.

    See you on Saturday!

    -this is jazz, speaking from her long neglected blog.