Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I always miss the party :-(

Wow, what a year !!!

A little over a year ago  I was stood in the Old Market Square waiting to meet Eleanor to go down to the Riverside Festival and to ask if she wanted another partner in the business, what was I thinking?? Seriously though, I had been following the chat with interest and my feelings were that there was enough passion in her to make it work and if I could give some support then I would even though I would be pretty much a sleepy spinney partner.

So I signed on the dotted line and promptly went home, climbed on our motorbike, headed off to Germany and missed the opening party!

2010 holiday 002

That's our bike in the reflection as well as yours truly! So whilst everyone was inspecting our new shop, I was collecting photos of wool shops in Germany and Austria....makes a change from the usual holiday snaps!

The first shop was in Bavaria, on the German /Austrian border and CLOSED. We were a little late arriving and by the time we had remembered where the hotel was the shops had shut up for the day but I did like the sign and outside decoration.

wool shops
wool shops

wool shops
wool shops

I found shops that were so ordered that I wouldn't even have dared to ask if I could so much as touch a ball of yarn

2010 holiday 072

This one didn't even look as if anyone ever knitted in it!!!

But I did find a few that felt friendly inspite of the language barrier

2010 holiday 078

2010 holiday 178

Sometimes its all about the spirit of the place and the owner.

2010 holiday 179

I hope that many of you are able to attend the shops first birthday party, I wish I could be there but as I've said, I always miss the party!!


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