Friday, 5 August 2011

A little bit of a mystery...

I need your help fair blog-readers!!!

Can you remember a while ago, before Knit Nottingham was even a twinkle in our eyes, there was another indie knitting shop in the Viccy Centre market called Knitty Gritty? Well I do - it's what made me open our little shop. :)

The lovely Lizzie, who's now much happier riding horses in the countryside, has been into my shop today with some bags of bits and bobs. It's mainly shop samples inside the bags and I'm still in contact with most of the guys that knitted for her so that's not a problem but I also have these:

Made by some obviously very clever knitters and sewers (I'm quite a lot in love with the wabbit...).

Lizzie remembers that it was a mother and daughter team who brought them in: Sophie and Lissie respectively. The mother was around 5 foot 5 and the daughter was taller. The daughter was maybe around 15 years old. Sometimes Sophie wore glasses and sometimes not, she had a bob haircut and they came to Knit in Notts once or twice.

This is as much as we know dear crafters and we need you help us reacquaint these little fellows and their cushions to their rightful owners before I comandeer them both for my dribbly, pukey little nephew...

E-mail or phone or tell them to get on down if you know them!!

Love Eleanor.

P.s. I promise to get back to you soon. I'm wallowing in a sea of html and I miss you.

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