Saturday, 6 August 2011

Update - of sorts.

A little thing to start:

Go to google maps and type in 'China to Taiwan'. Look at instruction number 48. Have a giggle. Come back here and read.

You might have noticed at the end of my last post that I felt more than a little guilty at leaving you all for so long. Life and the shop got in the way I'm afraid. I had that holiday for a week (lovely, if not that much of a holiday - there was a lot of work involved though most of it was in m pyjamas (not the lessons at Husqvarna though, I pulled on some real clothes for those. Just.)).

Anyway, I was met, when I came back last Tuesday, by a humongous box full of our first Katia order and here are the results: lovely, frilly scarf yarns. You'll have probably seen it before but we've got some new colours in and they're just divine - knittable in a night too! Or indeed crochetable. :)

Once I'd put those out I thought it was time I brightened the shop up a bit so I made a mega order with King Cole which arrived the very next day! Good old King Cole (was a merry old soul...). Three. Huge. Boxes. And when I say 'huge' I mean I was tempted to set up home in one and rent the others out! Blimey. So I sorted the yarn (we're now back fully in stock of Bamboo/Cotton and the Riot you'll be pleased to know, with a few new colours in the Haze DK) - that took most of the day. The patterns are taking longer. I got 53 new patterns dear readers - fifty three. Yowser!!

You'll know if you read the blog that I'm in the process of getting the patterns available to buy on the internet. After a slowish day in the shop yesterday and some bloody hard work on mine and some lovely volunteer's parts that is nearly done. I said that's nearly done!! Until then the patterns in the shop look a bit of a mess but it's worth wading through because there's at least 20 patterns that I would knit out of the 50 odd and that's good going considering half of them are for kids and some for men.

One day I'm going to explain the process of getting these patterns sorted because people keep look at me funny like 'really?! Putting patterns on a website is that difficult!?'. Yeah difficult and mindnumbing. the worst combination but it's nearly finished so I'm smiling.

Anyway, there's a little update. Only 'of sorts' because there's been so much more done over the last couple of weeks and because I forgot my camera so there's so photos... Sorry...

Love Eleanor.

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