Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oi Oi!

Another little update. You will really have to excuse me - life is still manic for all of us and the blog has suffered. We apologise. But, joy, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on the TV and I have some time to myself so I'll share it with you. I reckon bullet points are best for this because I have lots of little things to tell you:

  • Plans for the birthday party are afoot! We have three game-y type things in the pipeline which means that you have three whole chances to win stuff! (Including the chance to get 100% off your purchase - so I guess it not really a purchase anymore...). Anyway, more details to come when we've had a shop meeting tomorrow!
  • I'm writing a pattern. It's beaueaueaueaueaueautiful! And it could well be yours - to be released at the birthday party.
  • The webshop is soon to be updated with all the patterns (though I fear I ought to be touching wood with that one...). It's a right fart everybody, as I've said before. Each pattern has two photos and I need to give the customer all the info they need to make it so, think four different design options, six different chest sizes, two or three colours per design. Plus our sneaky tactic of linking to gorgeous yarns of ours to tempt you. Then you've got the needles/hooks you need (plus links) and buttons, ribbons, press studs etc etc. AND all of this needs* html-ing (don't know the verb for that one...). Blimey, it's not my kind of thing, it really isn't, one space in the wrong place and I'm buggered. Plus the old computer broke down half way through and deleted at least 30 patterns worth of info that I'd been inputting (and I've lost a load of photos on there too). I'm over it, I'll tell you that for free but if I keep believing that it's nearly done, I'll keep going. 
  • All of that means that there's very little knitting time for me. 
  • But I have finished (very nearly) a sweeeeeet shrug as a commission in the teal Bamboo Cotton. Photo's when it's finished. Promise. 
  • I've written the 'scripts' for some how-to videos that were requested but both require me to have at least a couple of hours knitting time so I can get a few swatches into a few different positions so that I'm able to do a Blue Peter thing ("and here's one I did earlier..."). This I'm hoping to do this week so there will be more video goodness soon. 
  • We've signed the lease for next year so you're not getting rid of us yet!
  • We never announced that we have the Katia Ondas in stock on here which was an oversight, I was so excited that I wrote a little blog about it and then apparently never posted it. Hmph. it's something that you've been asking for so come and spend your pennies, that and the rest of the Katia range that we have in stock make just about the best presents ever! Christmas is coming... We also have a little surprise from them - to be released at the party so keep those eyes peeled! (Blurgh, hate that phrase...). 
Right, I'm off to prepare more photos ready for when our volunteer comes to help me with the website tomorrow (one day I'll get a day off but at least I get to work from home). Then when Big Brother (YES!!!) is on I'm going to spend some time with my poor old sock which has been on the needles for, hmm, well, a while...

Love Eleanor.

P.s One of our lovely customers just posted these to facebook so in case you missed them I'm-a-gonna post them for you here. Apparently I can't get them to line up so I'm going to let the photos frolic like our yarns are frolicing in Paris. Blimey - Paris! I'm going to call that a vicarious holiday. :)

*When I first wrote this I wrote 'needles' here. Really need some time off. Haha. 

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