Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Eleanor's Fun and Games.

(And the most important because I'm organising it....).

You'll hopefully know by now that we're nearly one year old! Blimey - it's gone fast. And because we're a silly and frivolous bunch here and Knit Nottingham we're throwing a birthday party as befits a little one whose most complicated words are 'Mummy', 'dinner' and 'now' and who can't yet control their bowels. Not that the shop can't control it's bowels but you know what we mean. Anyway - all of that means that the birthday party will be full of cakes, sweets, balloons, games, laughter, and fun!!!

We're doing three whole games and we're going to give you the rules here so that we're not explaining all through the day. So here are the rules for my game!

A Speed Knitting Contest!

The day before we'll be casting on an amount of stitches - probably in aran yarn with 5mm needles we'll be timing how long it takes you to knit two rows. Simple ey?

The most exciting thing about this game is the fact that I'm going to get busy with pva, markers and blue tac to create a leadership board! We've even got some gold stars bought by a lovely customer as Christmas decorations and we can't quite work out how, but we're definitely going to use them!

So we'll be writing the entrant's names on bits of cards as well as their times and putting them in order on the board. The winner, by the end of the day, gets a King Cole Pattern Book. There are books for baby knitters, adult knitters and even one for crocheters (with the. Funkiest. Bag. Ever.).

So that's the low down on my game - I assure you it's going to be the best time you've ever had in your life!!!

Tomorrow we'll talk pass the parcel. :) 


Eleanor. :)

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