Thursday, 25 August 2011

June's Fun and Games Number.

Let me introduce you to June's little game. Not that we really need to - it's only:

Pass the Parcel

But with a bit of a twist because we won't all be sat round in a circle all day (more's the pity!).

So, obviously, something gorgeous in the middle (*cough* maybe handspun *cough*), lots of paper layers and little presents throughout including yarn, notions and sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeets! Throughout the day alarm bells from her phone will ring in June's little ear and she'll shout 'HANDS UP!' and your response will be to put your hands up. The first person to wave their hands in the air (like they just don't care) gets to rip a layer off and wins the present!

June's decision as to who put their hands up first will be final - so no tantrums please!

It won't all be orange yarn - we promise!

Tomorrow we'll be talking about the potential for you to win 100% off your purchase. How exciting! I think I'll join in!!!



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