Friday, 26 August 2011

A Year to Remember!

As our first birthday is fast approaching and as I am handing over the role of marketing manager to June, it seemed a perfect time to take a nostalgia trip and chat about my favourite moments over the last year.

The two weeks before we opened are up at the top of my list, although it was a lot of hard work and Eleanor and I only went home to sleep, it was also exciting and the success of our opening day made me proud to be part of Knit Nottingham.

The day we put up the shop sign particularly stands out, me up a ladder helping hold the sign as it was attached and Eleanor breathing a sign of relief that she didn't have to go up the dreaded ladder!

Attending the Curiousity Haus craft fairs in Sneinton is next on my list, especially the one last december when despite the snow and cold, we both got to meet lots of lovely customers and other local crafters.

Back tracking a little, there was our halloween pub knit, which although only a few people could make it was still a wonderful evening (as I was going to a fancy dress party later on I showed up in full costume and I'm eternally grateful that there are no photographs of this!). Not forgetting the first time we got a mention in one of the national knitting magazines, who am I kidding....I get a warm fuzzy feeling everytime we get a mention!

Our Heart Art event back in February (to find out more, check out  Heart Art, Heart Art update part one or Heart Art update part two) is definitely in my top ten list, for many reasons including the support from our customers, that we raised some funds for the British Heart Foundation and in the process created a wonderful piece of art. For those of you who did not hear about this event, this is what the heart looked like at the end of the event.....

And this is the finished heart already to be hung on the wall, I think it's a really stunning creation.

Special thanks to Sue for doing such a fantastic job of stitching all the squares together.

Although I am sad to be stepping down after such an amazing first year, I just know that June will make a fantastic marketing manager and that Knit Nottingham will continue to grow and develop under the watchful eyes of Eleanor, June and Sue. I'll stop there before I get all tearful and end by saying that hope to see many of you at the shop for our first birthday party.

Love from
Liese x

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