Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Its All Getting a Bit Tens(ion)e

So, my mum (who didn't teach me how to knit) started her knitting life back in the 1940s when she was at school, where her second project was a pair of gloves, in the round on tiny dpns. Anyway, I'm digressing. Nowadays, she can't knit much because her fingers don't work properly. It doesn't stop her trying though. She finds a pattern she likes, buys the yarn and casts on. Over a period of a few weeks she manages to knit about four inches before putting it to one side. For the next two years its sits around and I offer every few months to take it away and finish it. And yes, it does take her about two years before she finally admits defeat and hands it over.

Its never been a problem until this project. Her tension and mine have always been the same (and we have the same attitude towards making tension squares/gauge swatches - call them what you will, then wash your mouth out). But this time, oh this time... Can you see the problem?

Yes,  you can clearly see that I was knitting at a looser tension once I took over. But, then things got stranger. When I joined in a new ball, this happened

I reverted to the original tension. How? I'm not quite sure what happened, but I wasn't about to frog all that work. It will all come out in the blocking - but that's another story.

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