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I ain't saying this is an appropriate song for a knitting blog but it does feature Jamie Foxx and I do love him and I am giving you a free pattern for some fox mittens. So, whatevs. 

I love facebook because I can tell you that exactly on the 15th September 2011 a (handsome) man came into the shop and commissioned me to make some of these for his nephew: 

I got dead excited and started them the very next day because I'm like that when I get excited about a project even if I've got actual work to do... I'm not sure I'll ever change. 

The first pair I made were for my nephew and he love love love love love love loveddddd them!!! When he was two and his health visitor came to sign him off he ran straight to get them to show her (and, despite them being in Huddersfield, she'd heard of our little shop!!!). Then I made some for the original customer. These originals were pretty much a straight copy of the photo above, with the intarsia style colourwork. But I'm not keen on it in crochet - can you need towards the right of the glove there's a messy bit between the cream and the orange? I hate that. I'm sure it can be made better but I have neither the time nor inclination to work it out. 

Close to Christmas, I was discussing presents with my bff Heather and she said that all she'd ever wanted was a pair of those mittens with an idiot cord in between. I started them pretty soon after but I soon realised that I'd so much rather crochet a proper mitten and then a little bit of cream to applique over the top. So that's just what I did! She loved them too! As did everybody that's ever seen them apparently. 

But Bec's a bit different - she didn't just love them, she collared me while I was drunk at a party and made me promise to make her some (sensibly, once I'd said yes, I did tell her to remind me when I was sober...). I started the mitts yesterday, the shop was a little slow and some yarn that I'd planned to get on t'internet hadn't turned up (it has now, we'll discuss it tomorrow or maybe the day after...), so I caught up with Chicken Shop and got commission crocheting! 

Sort of by accident I started writing down some notes and it's turned into an actual pattern. It's certainly not been tested and, to be fair, they're kind of off the hoof so come of the bits may be clunky and I so wouldn't mind if you change things (like working them without sl-sts to join so it's more amigurumi style or actually counting stitches instead of roughly placing things). 

Anyway, here's what they look like - cute hey?

I'm particularly pleased with these lot because one looks slightly evil - I think Bec will like that. 

I crocheted them in the Cygnet Superwash Merino DK in the copper colourway, which apparently isn't on the internet... One more job for me then. Mainly I chose that because the colour is just perfect but also because you can splash out a bit on something so small can't you? I'm imagining you've got some black and cream in stash for the face and nose etc. but we have that too. And of course your 4mm hooks we have too.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I've just remembered I was going to write about an alternative that might make them look a little less doggy and a bit more foxy... The faces could be made in this sort of a shape:

I think it's what I did with Heather's but I only remembered that that's what I did after I'd put the ears on and Bec can be ballsed if she thinks I'm changing it now... I think they're foxy enough! I also think with the current shape but different colours they could look like dogs and maybe whiskers would make them look like cats and floppy ears for bunnies or or or or or... Let your imagination run wild!

I hold the copyright so please don't try and pretend you made it up - just link it back to me and here. If you want to make some to sell (even for charity) ask me in advance. I've never said no but if I don't actually grant a license for you then I'll be forced to sue your arse. Ha. Really, it's if the big guys get involved, I have to show that I've followed up every breach of copyright so it would be easier if it just wasn't breached. Dead good. 

Brill! Any problems, let me know. 

Love Eleanor. xx

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