Tuesday, 26 March 2013

HoOkY tImE!

In my little corner of the world it's been CoLd! Perfect for snuggling with a blanket, a big mug of coffee and some quiet hooky time whilst the family was otherwise engaged. 

Oh... bugger it... I was trying to write this in the style of my icon, Lucy from Attic 24 but really, who's actually got time to be so relentlessly positive?! Maybe when I find myself a rich husband and be a stay at home mum to three kids - two of whom go to school... What a life. :) That makes it sound like I really dislike her! I don't! She's inspiring! At least, she inspired me to do some weekend hooky to prettify a certain area of the shop. Here are the results at about the half way mark:

Cute hey?

It's all hopefully being installed today but that entirely depends on how much I got done last night (it is last night right now but I can't post this blog because I already posted this blog  - trippy blog timings).

Some of you might be able to guess some parts of it, and other people might spot a rather well known pattern in there but it's deffo going to be BETTER THAN ANYBODY COULD IMAGINE! Mwaahahahahahahahahahaa!

Love Eleanor. :)

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