Friday, 15 March 2013

YARNDALE! (Again...).


I've had loads more interest so I've decided to put it back up for sale.


Or call us on (0115) 9474239 or pop into the shop. 

Seriously though - first come, first served and these are the last 19 spaces so after that you'll have to make your own way. 

Love Eleanor. :)

*****UPDATE OVER...*****

Right, remember my Yarndale post? Well, if you've been following, you'll know that we went ahead and got a 30 seater coach which we promptly filled... there are a few people who missed out so I've looked up getting a 49 seater and we can do it if we get another six people booked on.

After that we've got another 13 seats going but I really don't want to get into doing more than one coach so if I get enough interest for the six seats and actually put it up for sale then you've got however long it takes to fill up 13 seats to book it. It's first come first served and you're not on there until you pay. If we go ahead and put it on then you'll be able to pay over the internet (I'll give you the link if and when it goes live), over the phone with a credit or debit card or in person.

First come first served and money talks people! So - this is just a show of hands - if six of you show real interest it'll go on to be available.


Love Eleanor.

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