Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Colours all over the bloody place

And again I've done loads on my to do list! Instead of just listing what I've done I thought I might actually speak to you today. haha. Imagine that! Lots of new colours in - some that came in a few weeks ago in all honesty but never made it onto the internet... Bad yso.... Anyway, let's start with something brand new!

 Ahhhhhh. They've done it again! Cygnet have brought out the BEST superchunky!!!! Cygnet Seriously Chunky Mixes. So, just to be clear, this is the same stuff as the Seriously Chunky but there are hints of other colours in there too! AMAZING! Here's a closer look at what is potentially my favourite - the Parsley: 

It's truly beautiful isn't it!? Phwooooooar! I do think it's a funny time of year to release it but then it did hail yesterday and I'm shivering a little as I type so maybe not. This yarn, as lots of you have discovered, is perfect for homeware - blankets, cushions and baskets. It's great for crochet baskets - you need an 8mm hook (or so), start with a circle in dcs but don't use sl-sts, do the thing where you go round and round in a spiral. Once it's wide enough then you can stop increasing and just work upwards until it's your perfect basket height. Wonderful!

I can't wait to see what people do with this. I must admit that the Endive is already sold out because a lovely customer of mine bought all ten of the balls in the pack literally about half an hour after I signed for the boxes, haha. Hard life. It'll be back in asap, don't worry!

I'm very happy with these, very very happy. Once more for the google ratings, that's Cygnet Seriously Chunky Mixes.
Now, moving on. Here we have lots of new colours that have come in over the last few weeks. The oldest of the lot are the new colours of the King Cole Merino Aran.

We've had these in for about a month and they have gone down a storm. They do brighten up the range a bit which I'm thrilled about because this works so well as a worsted weight yarn which means that the internet knitters and crocheters amongst us can use it interchangeably without any frustrations. It washes beautifully and it stays smooth for like ever. Particularly good for cables and colourwork because of that smoothness. Beautiful. These new colours make me want to knit them all together in a big old.... baby blanket? Hmmmmm. Somebody needs to have a baby quick! And again for the google rankings: King Cole Merino Aran

Next up we have the amazing King Cole Bamboo DK which has been our most popular yarn for a looooooong time.

Now, Sugar Pink and Pale Green I can live without. Both lovely colours but both slightly brighter versions of colours we've already got. I think that's why I can do without them. But the Bluebell and the Wisteria - HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THESE?!??!!? HOW?!?!!? The Wisteria is a proper mid purple, it makes every other purple look 'right'. I didn't realise that there was something missing before but there was. And the same for the Bluebell. It's so bright and beautiful, it makes every other blue in the range look grey. Which is fine, denim-y type blues are useful and lovely in their own right, but I need a BRIGHT BLUE! Readers! What can I make with this?!!?!?!?! And once more for the google rankings: King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK.

Next up, I need to speak about King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4ply which was introduced last year with a range of the top 10 Bamboo Cotton DK colours that all ended up being pretty.... reserved. 

 These six colours make the Bamboo Cotton 4ply into a party yarn! OOOOOOOHWEE! The Verdi and the Turquoise are perfect summer yarns - they look great with a tan. This reinvigorated love for the 4ply has come together with me doing some research for a vlog to be released in a couple of weeks and I've found this pattern: 

Ada - Lacy Shells top by Vicky Chan. How gorgeous is that!?!?!? I know, I know. I need to make it. So obvious choices for the colours are Verdi and Turquoise but then I thought...... 

From the top:

Pebble - Dusty Pink - Plum

OMBRE! Isn't that just divine?!?!!? But it's none of the new colours is it? But does that matter???  CAN I DO IT?!?!! Can I do it in time for pattern of the week? It's only Wednesday and after answering e-mails I'm done with my to do list. EEEEE!

Aaaaaaaand let's just talk a bit about the Pricewise DK a little to calm things down.

These are another three brand new colours and none of them are really inspiring me but they are colours that were missing from the range so they're good kind of workhorses. Which suits the yarn. It'd be unlikely that you'd hyperventilate about any double knit acrylic but it is good and cheap and nice to work with and it washes well so it's what you come back to again and again. Lovely Pricewise.

That's it. I've got to answer e-mails and then start that top (dress?????) Ombre?!?!?!?! WHAT SHALL I DOOOOOO???

Love Eleanor. xxxxxx

P.s. The British Knitting Awards have opened for voting and we'd LOVE to win for a third year running. Click here to vote. Otherwise, gimme until tomorrow and I'll talk you through potential options. :)

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