Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It's Amazing

How different you feel when you've got some stuff done, isn't it? I really feel like I'm getting somewhere compared to this blog post here. I had a day off yesterday - regularly scheduled but much appreciated - and I got shit done.

I woke up more or less with Chris when he went to work, so just before eight. Had a cup of coffee and made a vlog. Parcelled up some yarn and took it to the Post Office in Beeston. I got my headphones working and downloaded a few podcasts to listen to on the way. The local Post Office is closed so I had to go a whole lot further which was quite nice as I had to walk up the High Street. Once that was done I picked up a card for Chris parents as they've had a bereavement and that made me feel like a normal adult human being with compassion for other humans - imagine that. Then I nipped into a charity shop and picked up these beautiful shelves:

 £1.99 each! BLOODY BARGAIN!

Then when I got home I had a lot of tidying to do. The gasman was coming to do something with the boiler and Chris had asked me to move some of the piles of his electrical stuff and tools. I did better than that. I moved his whole front room around and took all of his tools and shoved them on his spare bed. He loved that!

I've been telling him to sort it out for weeks and he keeps saying he will. Now not only does he get piles of electrical stuff on his bed he gets shamed on the blog. haha. In the corner of this room I've set myself up a little office with a reconditioned pc that he's fixing for me but it's not working yet so I perched there with the laptop and did a few more vlogs. 

 It's going to get better. And by better I mean tidier. For a short while. Then it'll look like this again...

Then I had to carry on sorting downstairs. And tidy the kitchen because that's where the boiler is. And I had a quick half hour so I made a curry/bake thing for later. Delicious. Then I put the washing out. Dried the washing up and put it away. By then the gas man should have been but he wasn't so I spent a good hour sorting out some papers for accounting. Nowhere near where it needs to be to be done though... But I'll get there...

When the gas man turned up I went back to the office and started looking into how to edit videos for the vlog. Managed one little one which is the least professional thing I think I've ever done and that's saying something... Then the gasman was done and as I was paying Chris came home. I persuaded Chris to do a vlog once we'd said goodbye to the gasman. And once that was done, I got him to cook the rice because he's very good at it, whilst putting up my shelves:

I filled them. We ate dinner. I wrote out my card for his mum and sent a little gift to the nephew too. Then we tidied around here, brought in the washing and did an hour's worth of yoga. Had a shower, got ready for salsa and then when Chris was in the shower I did a vlog whilst starting a new project. Then he was ready to go, we did salsa and felt like we were gonna die and on the way home we discussed stars, light, the universe and the meaning of life before eating rhubarb crumble and going to bed. 

Anyway, I promise this blog wasn't going to be a list of stuff I did yesterday but that's entirely what it ended up as and you'll have to coco because I have a million things to do and I'm not getting behind on my to do list now I've vaguely caught up on it. It is a blog afterall....

Lots of love, Eleanor. xxxxxxx

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