Friday, 13 March 2015

Love and Apologies

To begin. An apology. The blog is not supposed to be just about pattern of the weeks but that's all I seem to have had time for for AGES! I have been knitting and crocheting, mostly to save my sanity and extremely busy days. I don't know how you lot do it! There is so much going on here and I can't seem to keep up with you all - jumpers, socks, hats, scarves, throws, bloody all sorts flying off needles and hooks. Please don't think I'm complaining but that along with a load of new patterns and yarns mean that I'm like a proverbial duck, constantly paddling to keep up. There has also been some stress with a man posting horrendous things about us all over the internet, the website literally breaking, some more stress at home and a quick tv appearance. I haven't been keeping up with yoga or with cleaning or with general household duties which means that I had to wear cold wet leggings to work t'other day. Luckily I had a million things to do before I opened the shop so I quick walked and steamed the excess water out so I was dry by the time I got to the shop. Haha. Something else exciting has been happening behind the scenes. I hope this happens again actually but that I'm more prepared for the process next time.

But I have now had the first day in like three weeks where I'm more on top of things. I got some new yarns on the internet over the last couple of days, I got some new patterns on the internet today (not all of them mind...), I've read my personal e-mails, fixed the scanner, done a new banner for the facebook page and started a project that looks like it's not going to end up in tears and flinging across the room.

unlike most of the other stuff I've made recently. And it is beautiful. 

I finally feel like I'm no longer drowning. Apologies if you've been into the shop recently and I've been misery-gutsing. I'm trying to keep chipper about it all but there really is so much to do, I have to prioritise rather than getting it all done and that's a killer. Usually, even if I have a lot of work to do I can see the end of it and maybe a day that I can dedicate to knitting but that's just not been the case recently. Although it is now. At some point next week I will have a 'day off in the shop' and it will be lovely.

I also have a list of blogs I want to write so once I've got my next lot of patterns on the internet, my next lot of lessons up for sale, finished the two shop samples that I started this week, done the last lot of processing for the secret thing, hoovered and made a couple of orders (before which I have to get to the bank) then expect a big splurge of my inner thoughts. IT WILL BE EXCELLENT!

Until then, I leave you with this marvelous photo: 

Which is a jelly bean competition that me, Jan and Liv partook in today. Jan's idea entirely. The Jelly Bean Company (or whatever they're called - the posh ones - you know them) have brought out a packet of beans where the colours can be either one of two flavours - toothpaste or blueberries, dog food or chocolate pudding, smelly socks or tootie frootie, vomit or peach, you know the kind of thing. We ate each one at the same time as eachother and it was a delightful distraction as well as a sort of celebration of the secret thing that has been happening that I still can't bloody tell you about. SOON MY PRETTIES SOON!

That's it, I have work to do, LOVE AND APOLOGIES,

Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxx

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