Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Yarn! Reflections On It!

Sooooooooo. Part of the reason that I've not killed myself worrying about not putting blogs up is, well, don't let perfect be the enemy of the good, but also that I've started doing regular vlogs. You can find them by clicking here. They're not supposed to take over instead of the blog, they're supposed to supplement. But actually doing them is so much easier than sitting here and writing! I just hang around for ten minutes, have a chat, switch off and then upload as I do other stuff like make orders, pay people, speak to customers, clean, tidy (not that you'd be able to tell...). But, that swift, 'oh my god I've got to talk about this' does mean that I don't take so much time to reflect and ponder. So the video that I put up yesterday was all about the brand new King Cole Big Value Recycled Aran and it was made on the day, or maybe the day after, it came in the shop. I knew I loved it but what I didn't know was how BLOODY BRILL IT IS TO KNIT!

Now, I am nowhere neeeeeeear finishing it, so don't expect any more photos really. Bits of jumpers don't photograph well at all. But I do have a sleeve, a back, a front and the rib of a second front done. The sleeve only took a day to knit so once I've got this front done bish bash bosh I'll be there, pretty much.

Anyway, the reflective bit, it feels like an old sweater. It feels like something you'll want to put on day in day out. It feels like something you've already loved before. It knits QUICK! And takes a cable beautifully - that's means good stitch definition. That's as reflective as I get I'm afraid.

Anyway, colours:

And therein you see my problem. The colours are GREAT. Lovely. Every single one. There's not a dud in there. But it doesn't 'merchandise' well. As in, I can't make a rainbow on a shelf. Which kills me. Haha. But a rainbow on a shelf does not a beautiful jumper make. 

The price is ridiculous - £3.00 for 100g. That's ridiculous for a 100% pure natural fibre. Now, I think it's probably because 15% of that is recycled cotton t-shirts. Which means that in some of the colours you almost get a nobbly bobbly different colour type of texture - it shows most in the Sage colourway but also a little in the Crocus too. I've no idea however about the Cream, Pebble and Cornflower because by the time the rep got to show me the yarn they were already sold out. That's how popular it is. :)

Now, in terms of patterns, I think they've done really well. Lots of homeware:
4145. This took my breath away the first time I saw it! It's gorgeous. The only thing that might put me off is that it's knitted all in one. I think it would be worth it though but I do have to finish the two blankets I have on the go. And I probably won't be doing it in the Pebble... Maybe the Sage.

At the absolute other end of the scale - number 4147 - tiny little wash cloths and face cloths and OVEN MITTS! IMAGINE THAT! I never really thought about knitting them before but on here you double up the aran and knit it on a small needle and bob's your uncle, it's heatproof. The handsome rep left me a pair t'other day when I ordered it and they're hanging up in the shop. Not for long though, once I've finished the amazing pink cardigan, they're coming home with me. Mwahahaha.  

Can you see them?? 

 My other stand out is this one:

Which Chris needs in his life, not that he knows... Isn't it great? I adore how simple but busy it is an the not to ganseys which are a slight obsession of mine... King Cole 4144.

Now, don't get me wrong, the other patterns are amazing too, specifically the one that I'm knitting (4142), but I am time limited at the moment and I'm not letting perfect be the enemy of the good. Do check out the other patterns by clicking here though.

Right, I have an million e-mails to answer and I need to cash up because it never happened last night, and I have to sort some orders and try and get warm and then get home. I have 19 minutes. Wish me luck.

Love Eleanor.xxxxxxx

P.s. Annnnnnd once more for the google stats - King Cole Big Value Recycled Aran.

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