Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Eleanor's Pattern of the Weeeeeeeeeek - 4147

A knitted one this week. You lucky things. I realised that I've been doing too much crochet on here so this time I decided to do a knitted thing and I was wracking my brain for something nice to do in this weather and I stuck on something nice and simple, short and sweet. 4147 is the perfect thing to get you back into knitting after a hot and sweaty week out of it.

Now, there are eight different patterns on this sheet - some wash cloths, some face clothes, a hand towel and the star of the show, oven mitts.

They're all knitted in the beautiful King Cole Big Value Recycled Cotton Aran which is just to lovely to knit (and crochet) with that it hurts. With the oven gloves you hold it double to create a really thick cushy material that will keep you precious crafty hands safe. They take three balls of the main colour so to start with you will just grab two different balls and knit them together but at some point you'll have to work from one ball. There's two ways do do this, you could weight out two balls of 50g from one ball, or the lazy way (my personal favourite) grab the end from the middle of the ball and the end from the outside of the ball and knit them together. Here's a video:

Knitting with two balls of yarn is dead fun and easy. You might find this a little harder because it's knitted on 5mm needles to get the thickness so it should be a little bit stiff (make sure you have another project on the go too for when it gets too hard, maybe a dish cloth???). But you can use this technique to great effect - a self striping with a plain, a gimped (haha) yarn with a smooth, a thick with a thin. It can be really fun. You can also make different weight yarns in the perfect colour combo. The classic version of this is using two dk yarns to make a chunky because you get much more variety in dks than you do chunkies in terms of colours, textures and fibre. The world is you oyster!

Now, the other patterns are veeeeeeeery simple. These are great patterns for either:

a). Pretty experienced knitters who don't want to think, just want to be told and get something done in an evening or two.
b). New knitters who want some practice of different stitches and reading patterns without the stress of a garment.

If you're experienced and you want a challenge. Look away now. These are quick, easy, practical projects that won't take brain power. And I love them.

That's it, I'm off to enjoy (hate every minute of) the sun.

Love Eleanor. xxxxxx

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