Thursday, 9 July 2015

King Cole Drifter

Three blogs in three days. Two new yarns in two days. I really am spoiling you. And if you think I am you can vote for us here. ;)

I am so excited to introduce this to you! SO EXCITED!

Introducccccccccccccing - KING COLE DRIFTER! This is the most fabulous yarn. So soft, so stripey, so fairisley. OOOOOOOOH.

So, King Cole still haven't got the yarn/patterns on their internet so I still can't steal the photos from them which means that I had to take my own and I'm actually pretty pleased:

There is not a dud colour in this range. Even the Oregon which is mainly just beige-y/brown because the brown is so chocolatey and beautiful. I think they've got a really good balance between the brights and duller ones and the 'female' colours and 'male' colours and the adult colours and kids colours. I did a jumper for Dev down the road's first babbeh who's due any moment:

That's the Kentucky colourway and pattern number 3319. This morning I bought a little wooden button to sew on, I'll get that on tonight and it's ready for when baby pops. Lots of people have asked me if this is suitable for babies because it looks like an 'adult' wool and the answer is YES YES YES! It's literally soooooo soft. The mix of wool, cotton and acrylic comes together to show off the best of all of those fibres. In fact, this morning, I was up early to have a shower and coffee before Chris's electricity got shut off for the day for some works, I went back to bed (obvs) had a quick flick through facebook and came across this post in the Addicted to Sock Knitting group:  

I've chopped out his name because I didn't ask him if I could use the photo (bad Eleanor - but I'm sure I can because of the gorgeous comments he left about the shop later on in this thread. I love my customers!) but look what he said! I love this bloke. He started off as a crocheter and spinner a few years ago and suddenly discovered socks. He's trying 4ply (with the Zig Zag I think) but has really settled on DK as his preferred sock weight (he knows how I feel about the situation. Haha). Any way he describes it as 'possibly the softest yarn I've worked with...'! Imagine my surprise when I logged in and saw that. I didn't even know he was on facebook, haha. Lovely.

Anyway, again, I can't show you the photos of the patterns because they're not up yet (which almost certainly means I'll be doing another blog at some point to feature them) but I'll just show you a few that I love.

Mens' patterns! Two of them! Well actually, four of them because King Cole always give you two options (at least. The beauts). I love this one, there's a round neck on the front too. Every time I look at a new mens' pattern I just want to knit it for Chris but I've come to realise that that's just love for a knitter. When you love somebody/something you just want to knit for them/it. So I've got to realise that I can't knit everything I can just accept that that's how my love comes out. Do you know what I mean? Haha, moooooooving on.... 

 Love this one. I can't make it any bigger because it gets too fuzzy. There's a lovely little cable running up the front and the sleeves. Dead simple diamond design with a little moss stitch type affair in the middle. I think cables work surprising well in this yarn - perhaps not to photograph but after making that little jumper above I just want to cable cable cable. Which leads me to: 


THIS! Which is the one I'm going to make for myself, I think. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS?!?!!? It has pockets! And you should all know how I feel about pockets by now. And the cable running down the front is just so gorgeous. I know this because Toni bought the yarn for three jumpers/cardis in this yarn (at once, she's amazing) and this was one of they. Now she's coming to live with Chris then I feel like there should be a Beeston uniform and it starts with this. WHAT COLOUR THOUGH?!!?!?

So they're my picks but they're not the be all and end all, they are just three that caught my eye. I'm actually doing another one as a shop sample:

 This is a longish line cardigan with a small shawl collar. I love a shawl collar.

Also, just to confirm to everybody that got confused on the Facebook page, yes, I cast two different projects on in this yarn on the same day. My name is Eleanor and I am a yarn addict.

Right, that's it. I'm off to finish my Raffia hat and then finish my Drifter cardigan and then finish my Bamboo jumper and then finish my.... ugh. Toooooo much yarn, tooooooo little time.

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxx

P.s. Once more for the google rankings. Introducing, King Cole Drifter.

P.p.s. I know you must have done but VOTE VOTE VOTE! Fanx.

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