Friday, 17 July 2015

This has been a good week.

Really bloody good. LOOK AT ALL THE GOOD STUFF!

It started off on Sunday after a lovely lesson, I got home and pulled up about 70% off the bloody potatoes in the garden. So angry about the amount of potatoes. I didn't plant them. Chris did. And he planted potatoes last year that he didn't tell me about and they only came up this year! NEITHER OF US LIKE POTATOES! Instead of potatoes I have planted many many pumpkins which are growing like there's no tomorrow (so far...). I believe pumpkins are going to be my marrows of 2015 because I am not allowing potatoes to be my marrows of 2015. On Monday I made potato salad (which we haven't eaten because, let me remind you, we don't like potatoes), potato cakes (which were admittedly delicious) and potato and leek soup (which was gorge but mainly because I put so much pepper and so many leeks and mushrooms and other delicious stuff that you can't taste the potato - I've frozen it in batches). We then gave a bucket full to my mum. AND WE STILL HAVE A BLOODY BUCKET FULL! Seriously, who likes potatoes?!?! Who would like them?! Gross! But I can't let plants that have worked really hard to survive go to waste, can I? I feel really conflicted about even weeding if the weeds have got past about two inches because they tried so hard.  Bad gardener. Anyway....

On Monday there was, as well as potato cooking, a serious amount of knitting in bed with the cat. Which leads me on to the actual reason I'm writing this post. I posted on facebook and twitter earlier this week that I wanted to start a new occasional blog theme thing where I put out a theme and you lost send me in photos/videos/stories to share. I got the idea from Jennifer who would like to see more photos of cats and knitting but I thought I ought to open it out to all pets in the name of equality and fairness (even though we all know that cats are the best animals evah). I know that lots of you enjoy the blogs where we share customer photos so I thought this would be a nice way to make it more regular. So the theme this first time is pets and knitting/crochet/spinning/weaving/other yarny crafts. If you'd be so kind as to send them through facebook messenger that would be great (we're having occasional problems with the shop e-mail which means I don't seem to get every e-mail.... it will be sorted soon, fingers crossed... but if you want to try go for it by sending to knit (AT) knitnottingham (DOT) co (DOT) uk. That weird way of writing it is to try and stop the tide of spam.... I get a lot... I'm not sure it works). I'll be getting the blog up sometime before I GO ON MY HOLIDAY!

Yeah, you heard me. I'm getting a holiday and it's all down to Elizabeth. She is a beaut. So, many of you know that Chris is finishing his PhD at the moment (in electrical geekery. Something to do with faults in cables. Yeah. It's that interesting) and he really needs to get it done before September because his funding has stopped now which means he's not being paid which means that everything is a mad rush and he's a bit stressed. But then when September breaks I'm in the long haul of the busy Christmas/winter period and I can't really take time out. Obvs I'd have gone on my own like I usually do in May but I was saving up to buy the business partners out and there was no spare money. So basically, I wasn't going to get a holiday this year. Which is a killer. Especially when the last time I went to sea the sea, which is where my heart lies, I was surrounded by.... pillocks. AAAAAAAAAAANyway, my birthday happens to fall on the weekend of Fibre East which June is going to so when I asked if she might cover my birthday she said no and I'd resigned myself to working on the day, which I've never done before, and maybe having a party but then ELIZABETH came in and said she'd cover it! And this is most brilliant because when I was drunk at The Three Musketeers the other day I liked what I thought was the theatre company on facebook and it turns out it was actually an event that I said I was going to which is a comedic opera performed by them the day after my birthday at Clumber Park. And that's not far from us! But it's far enough away that we'd have to drive and then Chris wouldn't be able to drink (because I can't drive. ha) and it'd be a late night but then I remembered that you can camp there and then I remembered that Elizabeth said she'd cover it and so I asked Chris and he said..... No. Ha. The tent that we borrowed from my parental units last year that I loved is like a palace. Which four rooms and standing room and it was a bit of a ballache to put up and it doesn't really matter if you're there for a week but it is a significant chunk of a weekend ruined by stressful arguments. And then it occurred to me that mum bought me a tent for my 16th birthday which was much smaller and un-stand-up-able in and I asked him if I could put that up in less than 15 minutes maybe we could go?! And he said yes thinking that I couldn't BUT I COULD! And all of this is a veeeeeeeery long way of saying that I'm going on a long weekend camping and Clumber Park for my main summer holiday. Next year better be Thailand. Haha.

Moving on. The next customer blog (I have yet to come up with a name for this series) is going to be Knitting/Crocheting/Crafting and the Great Outdoors/Holidays. I'd love to see where you lot are going/have been and what magic you've been whipping up whilst you're there. I would most enjoy beach scenes and I'm looking forward to some photos from Toni because as we speak she is winging her way to Lanzarote with a Christmas jumper to make. Haha. So, send your photos in. Again, preferably on the Facebook messenger but over e-mail if you must and I'll let you know what the next theme will be in plenty of time.

I then did a couple of hours of accounting. Which is not great, obvs, but it did make me feel better. More next week.

And then on Wednesday, for some reason, I decided it was time for a bit of a clearout. It actually hasn't affected the state of the shop but the behind the scenes it much better/less frustrating. I got rid of loads of cardboard boxes and a couple of really seriously broken plastic storage boxes. I'll have to replace them but for not everything precariously fits in what we have. You may not have seen what it looked like, but here's what the.... top of the stairs bit looks like:

SO much better. It also meant I could sort out some old yarns to pop in a bargain bin. Including the very last of the yarn that has an argument with a bottle of sun block.... Don't ask. And that looked like this:


Which I posted on Facebook and Twitter and everybody went mad. Most of the Riot DK has gone now although I may have put a few sneaky balls in today as I was tidying some more. WHAT'S HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?!!?!? Anyway, everything in there is £1.50 and as I said on Facebook, no saves, first come, first served. There's a lot of good stuff in there. :)

Did I mention that Toni helped? Once we'd finished we sat outside for half an hour and had a Twister each. Actually, she had something different but I forget (and digress apparently). 


 And then Fiona came to check out what was going on with the sale bin and found the perfect place to store her walking stick:

(God only knows what's going on with my photos today...)


I made the photo extra large so you can't miss it. It's a beautiful skirt made out of African wax print fabric by FIONA HERSELF! She made it for herself but it was too big and I kinda didn't dare try it on but Toni made me and it fits perfectly. It has pockets. It's everything I've ever wanted in a skirt and it goes with every single cardigan that I have. IMAGINE THAT! I wore it yesterday and I'm wearing it today and I couldn't care less. I may iron it! I love it!

And finally. The end is in sight for the never ending dress! I may finish it today. I thought I might finish it last night but I was too busy playing with cats and discussing social housing with Chris. I need to sew in some ends, sew some bits up and do some sort of neck/arm edging before I can consider it done. 

I've got a bit to finish for my lesson on Sunday, then e-mails, then a little internetting, then I'm finally getting round to PVAing my hat and then I can finish my dress. If I have any time before I have to go home. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owning a yarn shop, it's not all sitting in the sun with an ice cream but there's enough of that to make it worthwhile. ;)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxx

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