Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gooooooood Afternoon

Hey Everybody!

I'm back with a blog that isn't pattern of the week. Imagine that! I feel good that I've managed to keep that going for as long as I have (like six months I think, only missing one week) but I do wish I had more to say sometimes. The vlogs done very well out of me recently though. This recent weather has not been conducive to me doing any real work though, just lots of crochet and knitting whilst sat outside.

I'm just doing an update-y one here and then later on today I've two more blogs to write because I've got two more yarns! If you follow the facebook, twitter or instagram you'll know alllll about these but if not then you'll have to wait until tomorrow and the next day.

So, I had two days off this weekend. I try and do lessons four out of every five weekends and the one where I don't have a lesson on the Sunday means that I have an actual weekend! I talk about it a lot but I do think two days (and preferably more) is important for calming down and relaxing, the first day you do your bits and the second day you relax or vice versa but with only one day off a week either I get stuff done and no rest or I rest and get nothing done. However, this weekend, I got nothing done over the whole two days and it was glorious!

It's my birthday soon (I think I'm going to have to work it *sob* but more about that on another blog probably) and Chris's parental units were around so they bought me a gift! LOOK!


Doesn't Chris look happy?! It is, in fact, a seating arrangement! It was on sale and deffo worth the money but at £90ish it's not the sort of thing I would buy for me (especially at the moment when I'm saving all my money for something super secret) but it's something we definitely need so I'm THRILLED to have it. And they were listening to Celine Dion in the car so I officially love my parental units in law.

I spent most of Saturday night sat there knitting and drinking:

And it was glorious. Chris joined me later, he's got his head in a book at the moment so every spare moment is spent in bed/on the sofa reading that. Book widow.

Our garden is coming on:  

It's a strange one to photograph. Every angle has something that we've not sorted yet. The shed bit at the back is a bit of a nightmare but Chris's dad is desperate to fix that this summer and that means that next spring/summer I can paint the walls and everything will look a bit more put together. Anyway, I have tomatoes, carrots, an aubergine, sweet corn, courgettes, a pumpkin, some things that look like tomatoes that I forget what they are and loads of bloody potatoes. Ugh. I hate potatoes. Although I did make a delicious dinner with some in yesterday. It's perhaps a little early to pull them up but they were getting in the way of my courgette so they had to come up. They were.... as delicious as potatoes get when they're not deep fried. ;)

Note: no marrows this year. None of them came up and I was a bit stressed at the time and didn't notice there were none and now it's too late. I guess I'm just going to have to enjoy the marrow rum that's been bubbling away for the last year instead. :( I'm going to make LOADS of pickle this year. I really enjoyed my marrow pickle this year so I'm going to make loads of different kinds with courgette and tomatoes and.... potatoes?! Can you pickle a potato? Seriously, I don't know what to do with all of these potatoes...

Next up, a cake. I made this last night:

LOOK AT THAT! So, it's a frozen red fruit upside down cake! I don't know why I've got upside down cake in my head but I have and I want to make it all. I have some frozen rhubarb too which will soon make itself upside-down-cake-y-fied. I didn't follow a recipe, just kind of put the fruit in and then a cake batter and cooked it a little longer than usual. I decided on a cake because while we were looking for out beautiful outside furniture we nipped into Homebase (totes forgot how amazing that place was) and there were tins and cake stands on sale so Chris bought them for me. He's a sweetie but he knows he'll get cake in the end so a selfish sweetie. Haha.

And finally, the cats. Look:
I woke up too early yesterday and Chris was worse for wear because of the wine so I let Versace out to wander, grabbed myself a coffee and Gucci some dreamies and spent some time getting to know her. This is the first time she'd been in the bed and she loved it. We have now introduced the cats to eachother and, after a bit of hissing, they're settling in nicely.
There they are exploring the chimney in the spare room (that functioned as Chris's death bed yesterday) together.  I even saw them give eachother a kiss the other day when they thought nobody was looking and both of their tails are held high when they see eachother. But I think Versace has taken the upperhand because Gucci is very deferential. So, Versace gets on the bed and settles down and then Gucci gets up and sits at the other end making sure to face her. They'll both then relax but Gucci's very aware that Versace's there. This morning Gucci woke me up by padding on my face. The little shit. I'm determined to make her my cat though because Versace is definitely Chris's cat.

And that was this weekend. Next time I do an updatey one I'll have some shelf photos for you and I know you all love my shelf updates. haha. I did also do some knitting and crochet but I think I want to share that with you on the next couple of blogs otherwise it's not a surprise. Only it won't be a surprise if you follow all of the social media. Oh I don't know. What I do know is that I need coffee so I'm off.

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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