Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Thursday

So, you'll all know by now that it was my birthday on Saturday and I made sure to start it early by getting Chris to buy me a workshop at the Bead Shop which was on the Thursday. And then when I was on my fateful trip to outdoor theatre version of the Musketeers I somehow managed to be talked into being a hairdresser for Vezza.

So, the day started with a coffee and cake, free thanks to Davina. I read the paper, did some knitting and listened to my podcast. There was nobody else around and it was perfect.

And then I was early for my lesson with Steph at the Bead Shop. The most difficult part of the lesson was choosing the beads and colourways. We all did very well, even if I do say so myself. And then the second hardest part of the lesson was threading up the needle. I managed to break one and make Steph open another packet to get one that I could use. Fail. Wasn't a great start to the lesson. But then we began with the beading and it was perfect.


Haha. I was a bit worried, but Steph was very positive so we managed to carry on and eventually came up with this:

WHICH LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING! Doesn't it!? It looks like something! I was really pleased with it and how fast I was managing to go. There's something very therapeutic about beading, in much the same way that other people feel about knitting and crochet. Unfortunately I'm too comfortable with both of them for it to be relaxing on its own anymore. Which sounds ridiculous. But I do find it difficult to just knit or just crochet. I always find myself having to have the tv on, or a podcast or reading a book or something. That's relaxing to me. Whereas beading, because it takes up the whole of my brain space, is relaxing. Much like yoga only less physical. Ha.

And then I finished it! About an hour early!


So I went downstairs and bought a load more beads to work on. I'm going to make something for my mum for her birthday in mid August. It's going to be good. I was going to do it on holiday but there wasn't enough time to even start and then when I got back I realised that I'd actually left my beading needles at home! Such a tit.

Anyway, as soon as I'd finished the lesson I hopped on the bus to Vezza's to get a bit messy. She answered the door looking like this:


Which was a bit of a shock! Ha.

She was having a stall at Fibre East over the weekend so she'd decided that she needed to have some mad hair. And I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to go back to having ridiculous hair so it all just came together. I bought some bleach stuff for my hair the day before, put it on and got on with doing Vezza's hair. It looked like this:

And then this.


And then that.

Then we realised that we should have wet her hair. Vezza has ridiculously long and ridiculously thick healthy hair. So jealous. But that, and the dryness of the hair, meant that it just ATE the three pots of dyes we had.

So, while it was going to be blue, purple and then pink, it ended up having bits of blue at the end

Then we shoved it all up in some clingfilm (Vezza has a lot of clingfilm in her house. Something to do with some job that she does on the sideline or something...  ;) ).

In the meantime, my hair was.... not doing anything. Ha. The bleach stuff that I'd bought was the wrong stuff. I was sure it was what I bought before and it did say lightening on the packet but now I'm thinking about it there were other colours in the range so maybe I used that same range but with red or brown or whatever normal colour I've used recently. When I washed it out, it did take every last bit of dye though. It had to be dried and then it looked like this:

Beauts!  I imagine this is going to kill any hairdressers reading this, so look away now, we sent Vezza's husband off to buy some proper bleach which he did valiantly and then it looked like this:

 Vezza put the dye on my hair, blue at the base and green everywhere else: 

So while I looked like this, she dried her hair and it looked. LIKE. THIS!  

 WHICH IS BLOODY GORGE AIN'T IT!?!!? But I was worried that the purple hadn't taken as well as anything else which was disappointing. We held judgement and kept taking photos and trying different dos and getting excited and eventually the decision was taken to go over the purple with the blue from the base of my hair. 

And I was pleeeeeeeeeased! So much better. And once she got it done in a herringbone plait for Fibre East all was right in the world.
How perfect is that?

In the meantime, my hair had done so I washed it off and dried it and it was glorious!  

 Not sure the kid was convinced though...

But I knew it needed curling to look its best. So I put some rags in over night, put some make up on in the morning and it looked a little something like this:

Which, for me, is perfect. I love it. Love it.

There are a few problems though. I don't want to wash it too much, but without washing it I can't curl it without heat. I look dead if I don't wear make up with it. And if you get it wet then it runs - including sweating at night. But I think it's worth it. 

When I got back on Thursday evening I packed for camping.

And that was the end of a perfect day.

Love Eleanor. xxx


  1. Hello, I LOVE this post! I currently have pink hair, but I want to do something mermaidy next. Which dyes did you use? I don't recognise them. They look great!

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