Monday, 31 October 2011


I've been going on a bit I know, about this BIG SUPRISE and thinking about it, it's probably not that exciting to you lot. But it still is to me! We've finally replaced the circle cabinet:

with something entirely more suitable for a shop:

It's taken a while folks, a month or so, to save up enough money to buy it, get the old one taken away and to get more than one of us free on a day when the shop was closed. Logistics - blurgh.

I'm dead proud! I think it makes us look more like a shop, more professional and it's funny, we look like we've got two times more yarn than we had before, not just in the amounts of each yarn that we have but in the lines of different yarn. Weird. We've managed to fit 11 (yes, that's ELEVEN) different lines in our new cabinet. Eleven! Everything else has been spread out a bit better too. So we've more or less got the DK's in the new one. Then we've got the scarf yarns and superchunkies across the top of this one:

The chunkies in the right hand there and the 4plies and arans in the left hand one. Not perfect but it's got to be better!

And the patterns are no longer on the table!

Doesn't it look pretty!?!?

June and I worked a good ten hour day yesterday and I'm aching all over (June's fitter than me so she isn't - hmph). I'm telling you this so you'll be gentle with me when I get back into work tomorrow.

Anyway, there it is. The shop looks a million times better, bigger and tidier so come and say hi and if you're lucky I'll let you stroke my cabinet.

Love Eleanor. :)

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