Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ghosties and Ghoulies

Oh no!

I've come in this morning and some terrible things have happened! I believe we've been haunted a few days too early - apparently Mansfield Road's ghosties and ghoulies can't keep time.

Firstly, I was haunted in my sleep last night and the ghosties plot was to make me forget my camera! A cunning and vicious plan to make me look like a tit dragging the laptop round and holding it in various positions in front of the frame provided by our front window. Scary!

The next thing I noticed - the cupboards were bare!

You can see in my face, I was a little panicked but I tried to remain calm. Where could the stock be!? I headed to the stairs, sure that it must be in the cave which I've always believed to be a den of eerie and unnatural goings on but on the way, something caught my eye.

In the toilet was all the stock! Why would a ghostie take my neatly stored stock and shove it in a toilet!? I'm frightened, dear readers, frightened for my life (and that of my yarn).

A customer came in at this point and I had to keep a clear head and a smile on my face despite the carnage and devastation all around. It was at this point that I noticed they'd left a whole load of new artisan products for me to sort:

As if I didn't have enough on my plate. These ghouls have obviously got a sense of humour...

Folding up these bits and bobs, I realised that actually, I'd been being haunted for sometime because despite the fact that I adore lace and can knit it - I've gone totally, utterly and depressingly wrong on my latest finished project:

It had obviously been made to look like a spider's web rather than lovely pretty leaves. Oh these devilish buggers!

It crossed my mind at this point to flee the shop - get out of here while I still could but as I stepped toward the front door a flash of bright colour caught my eye:

Can you see it? Something like the tooth fairy, but for door stops, had crochet a cover for the hideous doorstop and turned it from this:

to this:

It was time to settle my demons, to accept the weird and to learn to live with what Mansfield Road had thrown at us. For every cupboard emptying, toilet filling, artisan item towering demon there was a ghost waiting to make me a crochet cover to brighten up the shop.

A haunting tale, I'm sure you'll agree.

Love Eleanor.

P.s. For those who don't believe in this bunkum, the cupboard emptying and loo filling is relating to the BIG SURPRISE which is happening tomorrow and has been a long time coming! The new artisan items are going to be sorted, tidied and placed tomorrow when the BIG SURPRISE has happened. My inability to knit lace is my own fault - booze and lemsip induced I'm sure. And I crocheted that bloody doorstop - isn't it adorable!?!?


  1. Eleanor! Babe, this looks fabulous! I must drop in next week and see your shop (I need to see what my schedule looks like - probably Wednesday). Shall I bring a bottle of wine?

    By the way, I did the figures for Amanada's jumper and it's too small for her shoulders and doesn't meet in the middle! Whoops!

    I saw you tweet re: the shoplifter! How terrible!