Friday, 21 October 2011

Welcome to the Ju...

Hello All!

I'm glad to see the last post went down so well! I think I'll talk more about myself in future - it'll mean we get to do more posts and that I really make an effort not to just sit around and craft all day on my days off. Maybe I'll make more of an effort with my grammar, spelling and typos though. I think I was just too excited! Also, you probably don't want to know but, all this effort hasn't staved off the colds that I wanted to avoid. I'm on my second so far. Blurgh.

This post is really a follow up to this post which I wrote in a fit of excitement about my nephew's Christmas present. Did you work out the title?

... . -... / .. -. / - .... . / .--- ..- -. --. .-.. .

Translates to:

Seb in the jungle

At the time I was wondering whether I'd have enough space to write ', having fun' or ', the cheeky monkey' but it turns out I don't as it's already over 40" long and I haven't got past the 'u' of jungle yet. Which is where the title to this post comes from... 

I'm falling more and more in love with it every day. Look!

However, it turns out I didn't have all the Zig Zag yarn I needed. I either used it, lost it or hid it because I very definitely bought it... Ahh well, at least we stock it! 

I'm on my third ball of the Zig Zag so far and I'm hoping that'll be all I need but if I do need to buy a new ball then it'll be easy enough to incorporate it into the edging. I think I've decided on a stripy edging, something like doubles all around with other stitches to fill in the scallops in cream for the first edging, one round of doubles, one round of half trebles in a contrast colour, one round of doubles worked in between the half trebles in cream, one round of half trebles in another contrast colour etc. etc. until I've worked three contrast colours and two final rounds of cream doubles. Or something.

The mother has requested brown in the edging to make it match his the room. The yarn I'll be using, in stripes with the rest of the cream 4ply, is the Cygnet Truly Wool Rich and I think I'll go for the 'mink' colourway but there's also the 'chocolate' colourway which apparently hasn't made it's way onto the internet site... onto the list of things to do for later... I think the chocolate is a bit dark but then the mink is almost a pastel sort of brown which puts me off a bit. 

The other contrasts are probably a bit easier, the 'yellow' is a definite and then either the 'rust' which might be a bit... rusty or the 'baby blue' which appears almost exactly in the Zig Zag yarn but apparently disappears when the green and orange have pooled together. Hmm. I thought perhaps the 'geranium' as the only other colour of the right tone and saturation but that's going to get seriously clashy. Alright, alright, maybe the other contrast aren't going to be as easy as first though. 

Anyway, look here: 

What do you think? I'm hoping I haven't repeated any colours here, that was bloody hard work! I guess the brown that I use depends on the other contrast colours which again depends on whether I have to buy and therefore use up another ball of Zig Zag. I'm not that happy with any of the combinations here, so let me show you this little curveball: 

This post, honestly, genuinely, hand-on-heartedly wasn't all going to be about me and my projects. It was just going to be a little thing to let you know that two thirds of my active projects involve jungles:

and the other third looks like it comes straight out of South America which has it's fair share of jungles, no?

That's all folks. See you soon!

Actually, that's not all. We have a surprise arriving in the shop on Sunday the 30th. You don't want to know how excited I am!

Love Eleanor. :)

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