Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wired up

So I’m sat here thinking what can I write about now. Eleanor does the real knitty bit, I do the spinning fluffy bit but sometimes there's nothing new in the craft room or on the needles.
blog 2430blog 2433(at the moment its still the same braid on the new inkle loom and Spring Thaw on the needles making very slow progress)
blog 2435
Then I thought what about the wire??when I studied creative embroidery c&g part two (think its now called a diploma) we had to look at embroidery using metal threads and were encouraged to try knitting with it. Well in those days I had a real problem with knitting, didn’t like it, could not cope with the length of the needles etc. Anyone who knows me will have noticed that everything I knit is on circular needles!!!
Anyway, we had to knit and experiment a little using the wire either as inspiration for embroidery or as a base for it. So here are a few samples.
Each sample is around 2 inch square.

blog 2429                                                                     

blog 2436

I had forgotten how much i enjoyed french knitting as a child.

blog 2437Sorry about the shadows in the photos, I tend to write these entries whilst drnking coffee in my favourite coffee shop so decided to take the photos whilst I was there the other morning.  They are quite used to the strange woman who sits and knits, weaves, makes lace, writes notes etc Suspect they see me as some form of entertainment  for their other customers :-)

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