Tuesday, 11 October 2011

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Can you guess what it is yet!?!


I've been writing a series of posts about designing for you over the last few days but it's coming slowly - photo heavy and it requires me to really think and maybe do some swatches so it could be a little while... But it's certainly keeping me on my toes and that, along with this lovely cold(ish) weather is getting my creatie juices flowing (hate the phrase). So here are my thoughts.

Christmas presents still aren't finished from last year. I'm convinced to be ready before the 24th of December for this year.

Mum's present is done.

Dad's present is my 'Big Brother' knittting and is getting done - about 10 rows off being half way done (I only know that because it's socks...).

Sister's present has been decided on.

Brother-in-law's present has been decided.

Only one other person is getting a present out of me seeing as everybody I know who should have remembered and therefore was close enough to be on the present list, forgot my birthday. Pfft.

Maybe you can tell that I only give handmade Christmas presents.

Sooooo, the one other person who's getting a present out of me is a little thing. A sort of pudgy, squidgy blob of a thing. But maybe the most important person! Let me introduce my nephew:

His name is Sebastian. A.k.a The Wool Botherer:

We've taught him well!!!

So, he loves wool, he's a bit podgy, deffo very cute and he's a spoilt little thing with a jungle themed bedroom. My sister, his mother, has some funny taste in clothing... sorry Caroline... which means that any sort of clothing or accessory for him is out. And I think he has everything else in the world. Including toys, which apparently are also known as 'Mummy's stash'. 

Then I read this little stunner of a post, purely as research for the shop mind you. And then I got too inspired and excited and full of thoughts and energy and the frenzy sort of culminated in 200 crochet chains that I knew just what to do with! 


Mega-stripes! In what I consider to be the most icky-in-an-omg-I-can't-get-enough-of-you kind of way in the whole shop! Let me introduce you to the Zig Zag 4ply in the 'cornucopia' colourway. A veritable Smörgåsbord of oranges, limes, yellows, creams, aquas and, oddly enough, charcoal grey. Weird. Sort of clown barfy but I love it. I'll admit here. I have at least 10 balls in stash, bought a long long time ago, at Knitty Gritty, just about every time I went in there I chucked a ball in my basket. I was so very excited when I was able stock this myself but I really don't have a need for anymore. Yet. 

I think that Zig Zag is pretty jungly looking - no?

But even for me this might be a bit bright, and it needs to be stripey so I've matched it with some cream that was also in my stash. 

So, blanket, stripey, Zig Zag with cream. And then the question is what kind of stripes? I couldn't have boring stripes. Oh no. I was going to fall back on my pi formation but I'll admit I'm a bit bored with that - socks, mitts, hats, jumpers... I'm over it. 

So I mulled it over for all of five minutes and I decided that I'm going to do MORSE bloody CODE!!!!! I'm going to do two rows for a dot and four or six for a dash - haven't got to that bit yet though... 

Oh yes, write a little message to Seb, not tell him what it is and maybe when he grows up to be a geek he can work it out!



Ignore the hair... there's the start!!

Love Eleanor. :)

P.s. The title is the message - can you read what it says?

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