Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Little Local Competition.

Hello Folks!

I hope all is as well there as it is here! The Autumn weather has come back to greet us, I finished my Dennis the Menace jumper yesterday:

(Blimey, trying to take a photo of a full jumper on a webcam is hard, you'll just have to cope with the blurring issues.)

and we've just had our BIGGEST WEB ORDER YET! YES! We're on track to become millionaires before the year is out.... sort of....

And I've been sitting on a little beauty of a prize for a week or so. Dangling it infront of your little facebook avatars like a morsel of delicious, scrummy Merino Superwash when all you're allowed to work with is Wilko's finest... Mwahaha! I promise it hasn't been on purpose, I've just been busy busy - still updating the webshop everyday, speaking to customers, knitting a bit, teaching workshops etc. etc. You know the drill. I get into the shop in the morning with a list of twenty-million things to do including telling you all about the prize and how to win it... and then life happens...

Oh well, here it is now: 

The prize is TWO TICKETS to the Glee Club in Nottingham on any Friday or Saturday night until the 30th of November this year! 

Oh yes, haven't we done well for you!?!!?


But we couldn't give that away without some sort of competition, could we?! A bit of hard work from you guys. Ten minutes work and you could win tickets worth up to £28! Here comes there hard bit: 

You know that feeling when you've been working on something for so long and every time you read it, you read it as you want it to be read, not as it should be, meaning that mistakes get missed. Then you come back days, weeks and months later and find hideous horrible mistakes? Yeah, I've got that feeling with the webshop! So your quest, dear Knit Nottingham fans, is to find those mistakes on our webshop! It could be as simple as a double full stop, a broken link or a capital letter in the wrong place but it all makes a difference to little ol' us. (Don't fall into the pitfall of thinking our prices are just so reasonable they must be a mistake - I promise you - the prices are all right...). 

E-mail us at knit AT knitnottingham DOT co DOT uk with the mistake and the info we need to get at it (i.e. in the British Wool Aran page you've written the word 'gorgeous' twice for example). We'll acknowledge your entry and you'll be placed on a list with a number to be picked by a random generator on Wednesday the 12th of October. All entries must be made by 11.59pm on Tuesday the 11th of October and each person can  enter the competition up to five times. 


  • Competition to win two tickets to Glee Club Nottingham on a day of your choosing. 
  • Help us by finding mistakes in the webshop, e-mailing the details to us when you do find them. 
  • You can enter up to 5 times, entries to be made by Tuesday the 11th, winner picked on Wednesday the 12th.

Ready... Set... GOOOOOOOOOOO!

Muchos Lovos, 

Eleanor. xxxxx

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