Friday, 4 May 2012

Fifth Birthday Booze Up

I made a big point on facebook about the Knit in Notts Fifth Birthday. I'm not sure I mentioned it on here and maybe I should have done but oh well.

Knit in Notts is my knitting group. It's an open group and we meet every Tuesday at Lee Rosies from 6 'till 8 at night. It's not a lesson or anything, you bring your bits, buy some tea and get down on it.

I love my knitting group. Absolutely love it. It's the first time since I left school that I actually made friends and the amazing thing about it is that there isn't any friction. Obviously, there are people that get on with each other better than others but everybody is friendly and respectful and we're all in it together. I believe it's the longest running, current, independent knitting club in Nottingham - that's quite a thought ey?

It was set up by the lovely Steph five years ago because she wanted people to knit with. She says she was worried that nobody would turn up, but they did! Since then more and more people have joined and we've made friends, knitted together and for charity, eaten cake, boozed, learned new stitches, danced and generally done life. Aren't friends lovely?

Anyway, last night we had a lovely time boozing to celebrate our five years together. Here's what I saw...

Knitting Geek Cakes - by Steph. Aren't they great?

Lots of mess - by all of us. 

Knitted bunting - by Steph. 

Red wine, SSK cake and scissors - doesn't this just sum me up?

The socks that I started knitting when I was too drunk to knit this:

Steph's FABULOUS chocolate cake - it's upside but can you see that it says 'Knit in Notts 5' in silver balls? Lovely. 

There's a video I took of the cutting of the cake. No idea why it's on the side but isn't it lovely?

And here's us being tits - don't you want to be like us!?

The girl going on about the 'Mars bars' is Jem. She's my rep for Coats (Patons) and she's maybe a slightly tipsy. Isn't she great? All the better because on her first rep meeting with me she bought me a beautiful calender and some sugar mice.

Don't my my hideous screechy voice...

Thank you to everybody for being so wonderful and teaching me so much and just generally being my friends.

Here's to the next five years!

Love Eleanor.

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