Monday, 28 May 2012

An Industry Professional

So I left you at my last blog when we were just making our way over to where the knitwear, fashion and product design bits were. Obviously, this is what I was excited about! So many of our customers recently have been students and the closer you get to a deadline the more frantic it gets so I was looking forward to meeting them outside of a stressful situation. But, it turns out there wasn't an exhibition as such - it was a catwalk show and you needed tickets. Looking back, somebody did tell me but it didn't sink in that I'd only be able to see the stuff on a catwalk - I thought there'd be an opportunity to look at them like the fashion. I believe the clothes are now on an exhibition and if I get time I'll pop down to see - don't quote me on it though. Oh well.

So, in this building there was fashion (which we kind of slipped by, don't know why we didn't stop), the knitwear catwalk, the product design area where the beautiful knives were and some sort of technical, computery design stuff (too much for us in the heat of the day). We stopped after that for a little rest and saw this beautiful sunset:

I think it looks like America. 

Then we headed over to the Waverley building where the theatre design and management students were showing off their work. 

The theatre design was fantastic! There were little models of stages - tiny tiny and there was this: 

A model of a caravan site? By this time it was late and we just wanted to get round most things so I didn't get a chance to read about it or what it was. 

The real gems in the theatre room were the costumes though. there were a lot of Elizabethan type gowns - so intricately sewn. My favourite details are here: 

And it was in the theatre design section where I saw what I believe is our yarn. The one and only time we saw it! 

I do hope I'm not taking credit for somebody else's yarn but I believe part of that to be the Cygnet DK in Fern. It was an amazing costumer. Kind of hideous but so intricate and cleverly done. Again it made me wish we had more time to read what they'd written. Absolutely wonderful!

Then we headed over to the management section which was less exciting in terms of textiles but there were some wonderful ideas. On the walls were big posters full of pictures and I didn't notice at first that they have QR codes that linked back to blogs and websites fr the students. They were also using a programme called Aurasma which is something do to with 'augmented reality'. I don't really know what that means but essentially if you point your smart phone to a picture using this technology you can see a video!!! Expect lots of videos to be set up around the shop when I can get my head around it - which won't be any time soon. The two girls there, I didn't get their names, were absolutely lovely - really friendly and helpful, especially when they found out that we owned the shop. I guess helping at places like our shop would be where they want to be in life. Maybe they would fancy somewhere a bit bigger or more glamorous though? Haha. 

Then the last photo I took was this:

I took it because the graveyard was so beautiful looking. And then there's June!

Right, I'm off to have a BBQ and soak up the sun whilst it's still here. If you can't beat them - join them ey?

Love Eleanor. :)

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